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Dublin City

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Here's Dublin! Not my favorite city in Ireland, by far, but I did enough touristy things to warrant a page full of pictures. Enjoy!

These are all images of Dublin city. From left to right, there's an entertainer making great winnie the pooh, goofy, etc balloons. The statue is right in the central street, O'Connell. The river is called the Liffey. It's actually quite narrow, and bridges cross it everywhere - like the Millenium Bridge next, a supposedly big sight-see. Last is a Spire, built to be the tallest thing in Dublin, though I don't know why.

More Dublin related pics. The harp is just one in the Guinness Brewery. I wanted to take a pic of the oldest known harp, but that was in Trinity College (big name university in Dublin center), and they don't allow cameras. Next is the college's old library, the only pic I could steal, so it's out of focus. The library is great, two storeys, full of books more than a few centuries old. Below the library is the Book of Kells attraction, which was very boring. Next are two pics of Dublin's Temple Bar, a popular cobblestoned area full of pubs.

This is the inside of ChristChurch, one of Dublin's oldest working churches. The second pic is a mummified cat and mouse. They were found in this state inside one of the organ pipes. Apparently the cat chased the mouse inside and got stuck. Unfortunately out of focus because it was too dark (and my hand shook..). The third pic is from the crypt beneath the church. I've never been to a church's crypt before, and found it really interesting that so many people are buried in churches. There were also some gold treasures in glass cases, but it was too dark to take pictures.

And this is St. Patrick's Church, the oldest church in Ireland. It wasn't particularly interesting or surprising inside, though I adored the stained glass. The angel is my favorite window thus far on my trip.

And the first pic here is for my mom. It's a statue of James Joyce! The second is one of Oscar Wilde's homes while he was alive. There are discs like this on many buildings throughout Ireland and England, and I expect other parts of the world, all describing famous historical figures who lived or worked there.

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