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My Trip

1: London
2: London Part 2
3: Ireland - Dublin
4: Ireland - Galway, May 10th
5: Road Trip - Irish South

Contact Info
Artsy Pictures

01/7/03 -- Finished adding pictures for now. See London Take 2, Dublin, Galway, and the Artsy Pics link above. Some of my pictures didn't seem to load to my directory here, mostly pictures of me for some reason, so more pics will have to wait until I load them again! Expect a few weeks' pause. I'll add Paris, more fun of London, and even some of actual Galway city then. Added Part 5, the road trip, including pics. Sorry, no new cars..yet!

27/6/03 -- Added more pics to Galway's section!

26/6/03 -- Finally, more pictures! Today I placed pictures in three places: Up above in "Artsy Pictures", in Dublin, and in Galway. I'll add more tomorrow, plus a new section for the last 3 weeks while I was in London and Paris. Woo!

22/5/03 -- I have an address in Ireland! It will work until August 10th or so. Anyone out there hankering to send a gift package (cookies? mp3s?) or a postcard or just about anything can now get a hold of me! Oh! And I have a cell phone now that should stay with me the entire trip. The country code and first two digits may change depending on where I settle, but I'll always update it here. Check out the link above!

11/5/03 -- Hi folks! Here's the first installment of a slightly more organized webpage. Hope you like it!

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