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Far in the future, during a peaceful time known as the Silver Millenium, the Moon Kingdom was a joyful and lively place. Than one day, an evil force arrived at the Moon Kingdom. The leader of the Negaverse, Queen Beryl, unleashed the awesome power of the negaforce. The times of joy and happiness had come to an end. Queen Beryl destroyed the Moon Kingdom, but Queen Serenity used her silver crystal to banish the Negaforce and send the Sailor Senshi to a planet called Earth. Now Queen Beryl has arrived along with the Negamoon warriors. They allied to try to take over the universe, the only thing that stands in their way is the Sailor Senshi and a King from a diffrent galaxy that came to Planet Earth when he heard of the troubles. Together, they must fight the Negaforce once more to banish them forever. And so, our story begins.