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Welcome to the character section of the page. If a senshi is taken than the name of that senshi will be underlined. I will for now only put the names of some of the villains that are available. I won't be adding pics of the villains unless you can find me good ones because there just aren't many out there of the villains. If there is an application pending for a position I will put a star next to the name. You can still send me an application for that person and I will review both the applications and the one with the better application will recieve that position. I must emphasis if you are a beginning RPer please create your own character first! The Senshi and Villains I want left over for knowledged RPers. Than when you learn how to RP better and a position you want is open/opens up you can always apply for it. If you are a experienced RPer please choose a Senshi or Villain instead of creating your own person. Unless of course you are a male and all male positions are full (because I know there is only a few male positions that are available). Thanks. Also I won't be posting any DBZ/GT positions up unless the character is taken so if you want a DBZ/GT character and don't see his picture up here than he/she is open.

Darien/Tuxedo Kamen

Usagi/Sailor Moon

Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon

Mina/Sailor Venus

Ami/Sailor Mercury

Rei/Sailor Mars

Lita/Sailor Jupiter

Michiru/Sailor Neptune

Haruka/Sailor Uranus

Hotaru/Sailor Saturn

Setsuna/Sailor Pluto


Queen Beryl
Prince Diamond