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hey! this is mai mai's homepage...i dont know what to put in here really. sorry! so lets start with the basics:

My name is Mia Angelica also known as mai mai or m.Lo...long story don't ask. I was born and still being raised in New Jersey. My friends are wonderful people. My goal[s] in life: Survive the School Life. Find my Gay Best Friend. Find myself the ONE PERSON of the opposite sex that I can truly and deeply trust and love, not only as my boyfriend, but as a friend and brother too. Pass with great grades.

websites i visit the most

Angelfire - Free Home Pages
a GREAT webloging site
my xanga
my favorite search engine

Angelfire is my should be your's too!

  • it's easy to upload images
  • i actually know what i'm doing
  • it helps me with my HTML skills...hehe