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2003 Toronto Rubik's Games World Championships

Frank Morris and Andy Camann

Practicing at the timers

Dan Knights and Andy

Andy and David Wesley

Another interview - ugh!

Jessica Fridrich, whose method I use!

qualifying rounds of day 1

Andy at the timer

Blindfold cubing

Hana Bizek and her cube art

Peter, Frank, Doug, Jaap, Ton, Andy, Ron, and Dan

Cube races for practice!

Andy, Chris, and Dan

Practicing the cube

Dan and Jason at the timer

Andy, Wiktoria (the youngest competitior, she is 7 and solves it in about 100 seconds), and David

Semifinals of the second day

Everyone is watching Dan

Finals of day 2

More finals - David Allen and Jess Bonde

Foreign cubers

Dan Gosbee: thanks for making this possible!

All the cubers together at the reception after the events on Sunday

Andy and Jess racing

Ton, Ron, Andy, Jessica, and Keith

Mirek wins the FMC event

Erno Rubik sends his regards

Semifinals: David, Andy, Ron, and Chris

CBC live radio interview: Friday afternoon

Radio interview

Restickering cubes

Andy in front of the Championships poster

Jessica, Dan, and David on the big screen!

Ton, with Andy trying his 2x2x6 and Jessica watching

More restickering

Competition t-shirt

Frank, Dan, Andy, Jason, and Keith at the waterfront

Wiktoria at the podium with her father watching

Wiktoria walks away the youngest cuber

Links to other cuber's photo galleries!:
Jessica Fridrich, Frank Morris, Sandy Thompson (day 1), Sandy Thompson (day 2), Jon Morris, Ton Dennenbroek, Ian Winokur, Dan Harris, Katsuyuki Konishi, Jess Bonde, Lars Vandenbergh.