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I have this whole website dedicated to Sailor Moon because tis the first anime I ever saw, and has been my favorite anime ever since -- going six years strong. (Although Fushigi Yuugi comes in a close second.) Both the anime and manga versions are very different from eachother, but equally great. The dub is too! (If you are against the SM dub, or any dub for that matter, go here.) They are all beautiful stories of love and friendship that withstands all evil. The show has changed my life forever -- litterally. It teaches you to have faith in your friends and loved ones and never give up hope no matter how bad things get. There was a time in my life when I was depressed, and SM was the only happy thing I could rely on to get me through each day. ;_; I'll NEVER stop liking SM. I'm not one of those people who stops liking an anime just because it gets old; if I like something, I like it forever. Even if Fushigi Yuugi or some other anime gets to be my #1 favorite, that doesn't mean I'll stop liking SM. I'm almost crying writing this, lol.

I know tis a shoujo anime, and most people think tis stupid and make fun of it, I think tis the one of the best series' out there. It has almost all the elements a good anime should have -- art, comedy, music, plot, romance, and sadness. The only thing tis missing is action, which it does have, but tis shoujo action which isn't considered action to most people. Especially not compared to the brutal action of Samurai X and stuff like that.


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