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Nicky Wire

That smile!!!! Now, this is my cousin's favourite. Nicky is the Manic Street Preachers's bass guitarist. He has got a really, really sweet smile. And just look at the picture of him in his tiara. It's sooo SWEET!!! Of course he plays the bass but he also sings one of the songs. He's very, very tall and overtowers Shaun, his co band-member. It's really cute seeing them standing next to eachother. Anyway back to Nicky.

Yes, I have managed to find some bad points:

He is too tall (it adds a bit of comedy to the manics though - seeing Nicky compared to Shaun). He always has something wrong with him (so what? It doesn't make him less cute, having something wrong with him). His singing voice is too low (he's a brilliant bass player, though).

Rating: 9 out of 10