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Mike Shinoda

Now, this guy is my favourite. He is hot! hot! hot! Too bad my cousin couldn't stay the same. It must be hard being the fittest guy in rock's history. Mike is the MCer out of Linkin Park, one of the biggest nu-metal (if not the biggest) bands in the world. Mike also plays the guitar (Somewhere I belong, etc,etc.)He also play the piano(Numb). Talented or what?

Bad Points: Okay, my cousin's actually managed to come up with some bad points, which I thought was almost impossible:

He can't dance. He seems to be limited to only two dance moves. (Oh per-lease. Who needs to dance when you've got the looks) He hardly ever smiles in the videos. (They are not meant to be happy. It would spoil the atmosphere if he smiled.) The goatee. (He would not look the same without the goatee. I think it's pretty cute, actually.)

Rating: 9 out of 10