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How many of you have seen The Rocky Horror Show? If so, then you should know Frankfurter - the sexy, insane, sweet transvestite who's master of the castle Brad and Janet step into. He's from the galaxy of Tansylvania (of course). Unfortuanately, he gets killed in the end (damn!). He also sings the song "Sweet Transvestite" which is my favourite song in the whole film. If you have not seen the Rocky Horror Show - watch it!!! It is pure genious!!!! It's just sooo funny. My cousins used to sing along to "Sweet Transvestite" when they were only 8. OF course, they didn't know what it meant. Ha ha ha!!! But anyway Frankfurter is one of the cutest insanely evil people in history.

My cousin has yet again, found the bad points:

He's evil (And? What's wrong with being evil?). Alice, listen to me, he's a character in a film, he does not exist. (shut up)

Rating: 5 out of 10 (only because he's not real)