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"My House"

When everyday I want my tomorrow to be better, soon my checks will be bigger. The poor will be pulling from the richer in which that would be me. Someday my dreams will be. The ring you ask from me will seem so cheap it will feel free; like the eagle in the tree. Together we will own the biggest house on our own street that I named. A car in the drive way from Italy, painted sun-fire yellow; yeah thatís my Ferrari donít you feel shamed? One-day people are going to be blaming me for stealing the Maserati. I got two Aksí I donít feel afraid. Walk past my water fountain, and see if you arenít sprayed. I donít hate, I just wanna live with my wife and be in fame, its my fate not yours. Someday it could be you to, so stop making me pay taxes for the nikes you just bought from snowflake on the side of the road, selling you drugs, I told you where it will lead you, bigger beer mugs. Get on, your bothering me with your complaints. This is my house and my street that I named.