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When your lies hurt the most, drifted to the coast to see what, a boat. The lies, which has brought me to die. It never really seemed to matter when they all seemed to fly. When you really did not even try, thatís why it hurts to cry. I will have my revenge, someday when your life is in depend I wont even be there. Indeed, when the pain is near to be grieved. I wont even understand the words you want me to believe. Let me be. Obviously, you canít see. I donít want you no more. Hell, Iím going to go find Eleanor, Iím out the door. Fuck your bullshit and crew ship you came along on. I am going to keep writing words to this song until you understand what you did wrong. Actually, you know what I am going to take your mom to the prom; I might even dress up as Saddam. You, and me it would take a dream within a dream to live this enigma fairyland. Helen might even understand the romance at the lake; it was one of my happiest days. I might just make this a campaign song; play bells on Valentine days, inside one of my haunted palaces. Here I thought you were telling the truth, Iím so stupid for listening to what you had to included; Probably off with some other guy being rude. Its pretty cruel when I gave him a brew last week in school. Nah it doesnít matter to you, you just rather go off on the boat that I shipped off to Portugal. Good thing I put a bullet hole in the bottom of that boat, so it wont be at float for long, hopefully you will be drowning in the fog, so the headlights from the coastguard wont even hit you, you bitch ass blonde. See-ya gaiter, maybe the sea creatures will make you into a cater. I will pass them down the salad dressing later. I hate you, you faker!