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I was born at Kullu, which is a beautiful town in
the picturesque province of Himachal Pradesh in
India. Himachal (Him + Anchal) Means "In the Lap Of
Himalayas". My birth place is located in the north
of India around 500km from nation's capital New
Delhi. Himachal is known as "The Land of Thousand
Gods", blessed by mother nature with lush green
meadows and heart-robbing landscapes. And about
India, it is Land of Wonders. Various cultures,
many languages, number of religions and 100 million
people; but all living in harmony. After finishing
my schooling in Kullu, I joined Regional
Engineering College Hamirpur (Himachal University),
situated in a calm and fascinating place where
staying close to nature inspires learning. I
completed my B.Tech. in Computer Sc. and
Engineering in 2000 and joined Texas Instruments
Private Ltd. R & D at Bangalore as a Software Design
Engineer in the field of ASIC.

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