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Pa. Covens and Groups

If you want your group listed, send the info you want to list including the following information. Send the name of the group, if it is closed or accepting prospective members at this time, the general path of the group, a contact e-mail address and or name and phone number for interested people to call, and some basic info on your group. Send info here.


The Blue Moonlight Coven
Seminary Of Living Earth Religions,Inc.
E-Mail -

Who we are and where we celebrate our learning.....
We are an eclectic group of witches offline and online. With a common purpose..To learn, grow with and celebrate our paths.
Our associated offline and online Mother Coven The Blue Moonlight Coven is located in The Harrisburg Pennsylvania area and within online Pagan chat and ritual space.
We offer online and offline courses - programs for those seeking anything from basic learnings to High Priest/Priestess training.
Our Goal is to grow together with other Pagans and within our coven online and our coven in Pennsylvania.
We also wish to teach others and enable others to be initiated hat so desire. Growing together with each others knowledge and experience is very important to us.
We aim to uphold a positive image online and offline helping to remove negative stereotypes.
We consider all people important, as well as all things in nature.
We have open minds.
We are for unity.
We are a teaching and working coven, not merely a social outlet.
The Seminary is a legally recognized religious Organization Within The United States Of America We are based in PA.
If you are looking for a place to learn about the many facets of Wiccan Spirituality, Witchcraft and Paganism then this may be the place for you.

The Blue Moonlight Coven Seminary of
Living Earth Religions, Inc.
Lady Gueneva, Hps., & Gawaine, Hp.


Sodalicium Mysteriorum Arthuri

In the name of the once and future King...
Sodalicium Mysteriorum Arthuri (The Fellowship of the Arthurian Mysteries) is a neo-pagan initiatory body being formed in Pittsburgh on the premise that the Arthurian legends hold referrences to the occult mysteries as well as instructions for how members of initiatory bodies should conduct themselves. Our interests include Druidism, Neo-Paganism, Qabalah, Rosicrucianism, and (drumroll... cymbal crash!) Arthurian Legends.
At this time, we are open to people who are very active in the local neo-pagan community (Unity Rituals, Pagan Pride, etc.), of good heart and good will, and into the Arthurian mythos.
...and in the name of the Queen of Infinity.

Philidelphia and international:

The Temple of the Ways

The Temple of the Ways is the official online presence for the tradition of Nehallenic Wicca.

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