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Hunting photos,

Here are pics of a few of my deer I have taken over the years, both in archery and rifle.

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge. 

10-29-2003 archery buck 001.jpg (316411 bytes)                                   10-29-2003 archery buck 002.jpg (312019 bytes)                                         10-29-2003 archery buck 007.jpg (311553 bytes)                                                                      

                                                                                my 2003 Perry Co. 8pt. Archery

              my 2002  9pt, nov 1,2002 002.jpg (687824 bytes)                                         my 2002  9pt, nov 1,2002 005.jpg (688927 bytes)                                            my_2002__9pt_nov_12002_003.jpg (178727 bytes)                                                                                    

                                                                                    my 2002 Perry co. 9pt. Archery



           My Pictures.jpg (46459 bytes)                            Picture 006.jpg (54034 bytes)                       Picture 007.jpg (52092 bytes)                                     Pict0021.JPG (38194 bytes)                       

my 2001 Perry co. 5pt,rifle

           my dads 2001 Perry co.   8pt,rifle

my 2000 Perry co. 6pt,archery

                 Pict0018.JPG (44805 bytes)                             Pict0024.JPG (24894 bytes)                              Pict0010.JPG (26287 bytes)                              Pict0004.JPG (40363 bytes)

my 1999 Perry co, 6pt,archery

                   my 1997 Perry co. 8pt,rifle and my girls

my 1993 Dauphin co,4pt,archery

                   Pict0002.JPG (37832 bytes)                                    Pict0003.JPG (26952 bytes)                                                             Pict0019.JPG (39784 bytes)

my 1991 Tioga co,10pt,rifle

my first deer,1981,Dauphin co,6pt,rifle