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I've been hunting critters in the keystone state for almost 25 yrs now. Every time I get in the woods I learn something new or have a totally new experience to tell my wonderful family about. I am in constant awe at the splendor of the great outdoors .My family and I reside in the quiet countryside of Perry county Penna. My other interests are taxidermy, which I do mostly for myself, I have been doing taxidermy for about 15 yrs now and am proud of my work. I have also gotten into computers over the last couple of years and now build my own. As I said earlier I have a wonderful family. A super, super wife who is very supportive and has resigned herself to the fact that she has to share me to Penn's woods each fall, I have 3 great kids,2 of which are teens and at times can try a mans patience. My 3rd little girl is still my baby, even at age 10.I can't get over how fast she learns and how much she seems to change on a daily basis. I wish I could keep them from growing sometimes. We also love to go camping, although we haven't been out as much of late. We used to be out all the time. Well that's a little about me and my family, thank you for stopping by. Let me know what you think about the site, its my first and will improve it as I get the hang of things.