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The Steel Lupine Pub

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      The Steel Lupine is an English styled pub, set in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nestled on the edge of the city across the street from Amsterdamse Bos Park, in the south east end of the city. The pub is medium sized, furnished with stained mahogany tables and bar. At the bar a larger veriety of beers, mixed and other drinks, to quench any thirst, are stocked regularly. In the back there is also a fully functional kitchen where at certain times food is being served.        ( See below for food & drink prices.)

         The front of the Pub faces Bos park while the two windows on the north wall give a good view of the city of Amsterdam. Two bay windows are set in either corner of the west wall along with the front door, leading out to the large porch where a few chairs are placed there for comfort on warm summer nights. A few old fashioned lanterns hang around the porch to give light and welcome those entering the pub. Parking is available in the lot, on the south side of the building.
        Inside on the right (Southside) is a table near a rather, newly acquired, sleek, black baby grand

piano set just between the bay window and the stone fire place that marks the middle of the room. A couch with two single chairs and a coffee table are collected around the fire place, obviously for a place of comfort and conversation. Just past the couch is a set of stairs leading to the second floor of the pub, while just next to the stairs are the doors leading to the restrooms.
         To the left (North) four tables are set along the rooms length, leaving a wide walk space to the bar between the piano and tables. One table is set near the bay window, two next to the windows over looking the city and it's brightly lit streets, the last was the one nearest to the bar. In the center of the bar's counter are where several beers on tap are offered, ranging from Guinness to Heineken to local Dutch beers, with seven stools along the length of the counter. A mirror running the length of the bar, hung on the wall behind the bar with the words " The Steel Lupine " painted across the top. Three small shelves set on the back counter filled with bottles  of  various  drinks  and  glasses. There is also a small fridge under

the counter, were the bottled drinks   are kept as well as other nonalcoholic beverage, specialty drinks, and simple snacks.
      A medium sized color Tv is set at the right end of the bar on a high shelf next to the edge of the mirror, usually tuned to the local sports channel or news. One stool is set behind the bar for the tender on duty. Just past the bar on the left side was another door that lead to the pubs basement. Then on the other side of the bar a door lead back in to the kitchen.
      There was of course a back door, in the kitchen, that lead out into a small alley way, where to the south ( Right) took you to the parking lot and to the north let you out on to the city street.

      And for all of you outsiders and tourists here is a table showing the various exchange rates for foreign currency into the widely excepted Euro.
      Which is the only currency excepted in the pub and Please cash only, we don't like credit cards, they aren't worth the hassle. Tabs will be ran for a few of the regular customers if you aren't a regular customer don't ask for credit.

Currency Exchange Rate for the Euro Dollar

$1.00  American Dollar


$ 0.87 Euro

$1.00  Australian Note


$ 0.58Euro

$1.00  British Pound


$ 1.40 Euro

$1.00  Canadian Dollar


$0.63 Euro

$1.00  French Franc


$ 0.15 Euro

$1.00  German Mark


$ 0.51 Euro

As of 7/27/03

" €" is the Symbol used for the Euro .

Drink Menu




Anchor  Steam,  Budweiser,  Coors, Corona, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

From the tap


Budweiser, Guinness, Hieneken, Molson.

Mixed Drinks

Ass Kicker


Black Russian


Emerald Isle


French Green Dragon


Gummiberry Juice


Jin & Tonic


Little Red Riding Hood




Texas Tea




Hot & Frozen Drinks

Godiva Irish Coffee


Strawberry Daquari



Cheap Liquors

$4.00 - $25.00

Expensive Liquors

$25.00 - $50.00

Other Drinks offered Ask Tender.

Food Menu




Ham, Salami, Roast Beef, Tuna Salad, Turkey, PB&J, Cheese



Bacon, Beef Dip,  Corn Beef, Pastrami,
Grilled Cheese

All sandwiches are served with chips or fruit.


Piece of Chocolate Cake


Ice Cream (2 scoops)


House Specials

Each night varies please see the current tender, and on certain nights dinner is free. We never know which night it is though. Good luck to ya!


There is usually something laying around in a bowl on the counter or, on ther various tables. Help your self, and only if your a regular,  you have at least two feet, go look in the Fridge!.

Thank you,
for visting the Steel Lupine we hope that you have enjoied your stay, and look forward to seeing you again soon!