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There is no time to
No tomorrows to
which our battles
may be delayed.
The Red Star is here,
my sister.
Long ago the Wyrm
was driven mad,
and for long days,
we sought to free
ourselves of its
But we did not know
that the Weaver who
entangled the Wyrm
was also our enemy.
Listen my sister,
the Apocalypse is here.
We are the last

The gates to
Arcadia, the
original paradise,
are closed
Only the world of
humanity remains.
Without any
awareness of our
true nature,
crushes us beneath
its banal heel.
Joy and laughter
are gone.
Only the Dreaming

There will come a
when the curse of
the One above will
not be tolerated
When the Lineage of
Caine will end
When the Blood of
Caine will be weak
And there will be no
Embrace for these
For their blood will
run like water, and
the potence in it
will wither.
Then, you know in
this time
that Gehenna will
soon be upon you...