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Kingdom of the Eternal Guardians

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-  Guild Acronym: KotEG  -
  Date  Founded:  Oct. 22,  1997 -
-  Date  Re-established:  July 18,  2003 -
-  Kingdom Government:  Mystica -
-  Allignment: Neutral  -

The Kingdom of the Eternal Guardians strives for a peaceful existance with other kingdoms, and beings. We fight those who would take that away from us, be you of the light, or of the dark. You are welcome within the Kingdom's boarders, and have been choosen to take part in this quest for peace. Are you willing to join us? Prince Kintar, and the nobles need your help. Join us, and together we will all have a better future.

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Application for Membership

(( These are OoC questions.. to help us learn more about the players ...


Screen Name: 
Your Usual time(s) online ( include your Time Zone):
How long have you been RPing Online?:
Describe your Character or Send a Charater pictures if you have one in a sperate E-mail:


Select one of the following Your Character falls under:

Mortal (Humans, Halflings, Orcs, and animals that are not were):
Half-Breeds (Elves, Faries, Dwarves, Half Supernatural -Half Mortal):
Immortal ( Dragons, Vampires, Were animals of any kind, Demons, Devils, Angels):

Define the following terms to the best of your abblity.
If you are unfamilar witha term place an X by it.

:: :: RM
((   )) TA
Mun AA
Spar MAA

Now that was easy ... here come the In Character questions. ))
:: takes a bounding leap In Character ::

Sex: Male: Female:
Who was your Recruiter:

Tells us about yourself please include your strengths, weaknesses and a little about your past: 

Your Reason for wishing to become a member of the KotEG:

State Any Current or Past Guild(s) you were apart of including your Postions and Strength (Exp).: 

What can you add to the Kingdom?

This guildis set up for Active members Only, and We expected of you to Enteract with other
Members Regulary, & Post Messages upon the Kingdoms Message Board ((IC wise)).

Can you Do this?  Yes:   No: 

-;- (`..*..) -;-
]€[.`. ) 
Legions   (..]€[
--..`..- -

Please choose One of the following Legions.

~ First Choice ~

~^v Legion of the Crab v^~ ~^v Legion of the Phoenix v^~
~^v Legion of the Crane v^~ ~^v Legion of the Scorpion v^~
~^v Legion of the Dragon v^~ ~^v Legion of the Shadow v^~
~^v Legion of the Lion v^~ ~^v Legion of the Serpent v^~
~^v Legion of the Mantis v^~ ~^v Legion of the Unicorn v^~

-;- (`..*..) -;-
]€[.`. ) 
Divisions   (..]€[
--..`..- -

Please choose your top Three choices of the following Class'.

~ First Choice ~

~ Second Choice ~

~ ThirdChoice ~

~^v Paladins v^~ ~^v Enforcers v^~ ~^v Dragon Riders v^~
~^v Monks v^~ ~^v Elite Guards v^~ ~^v Gryphon Riders v^~
~^v Prist/ess v^~ ~^v Guards v^~ ~^v Pegesus Riders v^~
~^v Clerics v^~ ~^v Man at Arms v^~ ~^v Water Dragon Riders v^~
~^v Acolytes v^~ ~^v Knights v^~ ~^v Shark Riders v^~
~^v ArchMage v^~ ~^v Warriors v^~ ~^v Dolphin Riders v^~
~^v Mage v^~ ~^v Barbarian v^~ ~^v Diver v^~
~^v Conjurer v^~ ~^v Archer v^~ ~^v Horse-man v^~
~^vApperentice v^~ ~^v Ambassadors v^~ .~^v Dune Beast Rider v^~
~^v Blackguards v^~ ~^v Recruiters v^~ .~^v Rock Worm Rider v^~
~^v Assassins v^~ ~^v Trainers v^~ .~^v Elephant Riderv^~
~^v Spys v^~ ~^v Freelance Villagers v^~ ~^v Theives v^~
Are you a Blacksmith, Tavern, Inn, or Shop keeper?
If so, select all that apply from the list below.
~^v Weapons Shop v^~ ~^v Tavern Keeper v^~ ~^v Marcket Shop v^~
~^v Armor Shop v^~ ~^v Inn Keeper v^ ~^v Blacksmith v^~
If any were selected, please give us the name(s) of the Business(')

-;- (`..*..) -;-
]€[.`. )  A Binding Oath (..]€[
--..`..- -

I, have read and understand to the best of my ability all the information above, and filled out the above form turthfully,and to the best oh my abilities. That I agree to serve the Kingdom to help bring order to those who wish it. And the I understand, if I commit an act of tretchery that I will be judged by the Kingdoms courts and may be banished from the Kingdom if they deem it so, or underextreme circumstance even death.

Signed: Dated:


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