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Nephrite and Naru's love story (with screen captures)

Nephrite was the second shitennou whose mission was to collect energy from humans. He used the stars to choose the victim.

Naru was a normal young girl and she was also Usagi's best friend. When Nephrite appeared as a tennis coach, Naru immediately had a crush on him. In the beginning it was a crush but later it grew into love when they met more often.

Later, they met again in episode 19, when Nephrite wanted to find out who Sailormoon was, so he sent love letters to young girls in Tuxedo Mask's name. He knew that Sailormoon was in love with Tuxedo Mask and she would definately come. Naru also got a letter from "Tuxedo Mask" and she was hoping that Tuxedo Mask would be Masato Sanjouin. She met Masato Sanjouin on the street and she asked him that could it be possible that he was Tuxedo Mask. Nephrite was surprised to this question and so he thought that she could be Sailormoon. Then he said to her that she was the prettiest in her school and said that they will meet in the evening.

Naru went to the meeting place and there Nephrite disguised himself as Tuxedo Mask. Naru knew that it was him but Nephrite jumped out and told her to reveal herself. He thought she was Sailormoon. Naru didn't understand what he was talking about but she said that she loved him and then a huge energy started to come from her and she was feeling dizzy. The energy was from her love to him and that is why it was so huge. Nephrite was taking Naru's energy but was stopped by Sailor Moon. Nephrite tried to kill Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask but of course he failed. Naru fainted and they took her to the hospital.

In episode 22, Nephrite and Naru met each other again in the party. Nephrite saw Naru and he asked her to dance with him. They danced and Naru was very happy.

Later, they were alone in some place and again he told her that she was very beautiful and suddenly he released the shadow that went into her and made Naru "a demon". He wanted to use her to get the silver crystal. But the crystal wasn't the silver crystal and Nephrite's shadow was destroyed by Sailor Soldiers. Again his plan failed and he left. Naru became normal again and she woke up not realizing what had happened.

In episode 23, we see Naru and Nephrite again. In this episode Nephrite begins to care for Naru. Nephrite thought that Naru might know where the silver crystal was so he contacted her and told her that he was chased by some bad guys and he needed the silver crystal to safe his life.

Naru of course believed his story and she went back home to take the crystal that she thought might be the silver crystal. Nephrite tested it but the black crystal didn't react and instead of that it reacted to Naru. Nephrite decided to find out why it reacted to Naru and he was going to take her somewhere but Sailor Moon appeared and stopped them. She told Naru that Sanjouin was Nephrite, one of the Dark Kingdom. Naru couldn't believe it. Nephrite revealed himself by attacking Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon got away from his attacks. Then Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury appeared to help Sailor Moon. They used their attacks and Sailor Moon threw her tiara toward Nephrite to destroy him but Naru jumped in front of him to protect him from the attack.

Sailor Moon quickly said "Please stop", and the tiara stopped and fell down. Nephrite was thinking to himself that why Naru saved him. Then the black crystal began to flash and the demon that Zoicite sent to get the silver crystal, jumped out and tried to take the crystal from Nephrite. They fought and the crystal fell down. Naru picked it up and the demon attacked her but it was stopped by Nephrite. Then Sailor Moon used her moon tiara to finish the demon. Nephrite returned the crystal that Naru brought to him, back to Naru. Then he left.

In the episode 24, it's the most obvious that Nephrite cares about Naru. Usagi and Naru were at the park and Naru was feeling very sad. Usagi told her to forget about Nephrite but she said that she couldn't. She said that even he was evil but she still loved him deeply. Nephrite was holding the black crystal and wondering that why it reacted to Naru. Then he thought about Naru smiling.

Nephrite was thinking that Naru might know who Sailor Moon was or that Naru might have the silver crystal and later at night, he visited in Naru's room. He used the black crystal and his power to look through Naru's body but he didn't find anything. The silver crystal wasn't inside of her. Then Naru woke up and saw his shadow. He told her his true identity and he said that her love made him woke up and that he wanted to join Sailor soldiers. He wanted Naru to tell him that who Sailor Moon was. But Naru didn't know. Nephrite said that she didn't believe him but Naru said that she did and Nephrite disappeared. But he didn't go far. He was thinking that if Naru knew who Sailor Moon was then she might contact her. Naru was worried and she called Usagi. She told her that Nephrite wanted to know who Sailormoon was and Usagi got worried.Then Naru said that she felt better and they hang up. Nephrite heard the conversation and left. Zoicite was again sneaking around. She said that Nephrite was a fool because he had fallen in love with a human being. She sent her three youmas to kidnap Naru. Nephrite made a trick and saw Usagi transforming into Sailor Moon.He wanted to kill her but Tuxedo Mask came to help her and they were about to fight until he heard Naru's voice calling for his help. He said to Sailor Moon that now when he knows that who she really is, he can attack her anytime and then he left.

He went to Naru's room and saw a note on her bed. The message was from Zoicite saying that he would exchange Naru for the crystal. Nephrite said that why did they even thought that he cared about Naru. But then he though about Naru running and smiling and he began to became angry and burned the message.

Nephrite went to the place where the youmas were keeping Naru. They attacked him but he defeated them easily and told them to tell Zoicite that he won't give them the crystal.

Then he looked at Naru. They stared at each other and that was really cute scene.

Nephrite carried Naru out. Naru thanked him. He said that he didn't know that why he saved her. He said that he's been trickning her until now. Naru said that she didn't care, as long as she could be with him is the most important.

Then Naru noticed that Nephrite's arm was injured. She took him to the park and ripped pyjama shirt to tie his arm.

Naru said that her dream was to go eat chocolate parfait with him. Nephrite promised her that he will take her to chocolate parfait. Naru asked him that did the evil people in the dark kingdom have Sundays off and they both laughed.

They were having so much fun but unfortunately Zoicite's three youmas appeared and attacked them. Zoicite pushed Naru aside so that she didn't get hit. The attack hit him. Youma stabbed Nephrite with a huge thorn that would suck his energy until he died. Naru tried to pull the thorns out and one of the youmas said that a human couldn't pull that thorn out. Nephrite told Naru to escape but she kept pulling the thorns out.

She almost succeeded but the youmas of course didn't let this happen and so they attacked them again. Nephrite grabbed Naru and covered her from the explosion. He was very badly injured. Then Zoicite appeared and took the crystal. He said that Nephrite should be happy that he can die with the one he loves and told the youmas to kill them and left. Then Sailor soldiers came and they destroyed the youmas. But unfortunately they were too late to rescue Nephrite. He was too badly injured. Nephrite told Sailor Moon that she didn't have to worry about her identity coming out anymore. Then he turned to Naru and said that he couldn't go eat chocolate parfait with her. He said sorry to her that he lied to her so many times and that he was glad he met her.

Then he died and his body disappeared. Only the piece of cloth from Naru's pyjama that she used to tie his arm remained. Naru cried and sailor senshi were also in tears.


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