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Apocalypse of Dragons is a little website dedicated to the works of the Artistic Group CLAMP! I started this website over a five-day break from school, so when school starts updates may be slow. Right now there is...barely anything. But I will have stuff up little by little! Please check back soon for updates!

Last Updated: November 17 2003


  • 10/17/03 -- Site first started. Main pages & image made. Cardcaptor Sakura characters, episode list, & cards uploaded. Links to other sites uploaded.

  • 10/20/03 -- Angelic Layer character descriptions written & uploaded.

  • 10/30/03 -- Phwee! One day until Halloween! I am working on Chobits & Angelic Layer episode lists, and hopefully those will be up soon! *** Chobits and Angelic Layer Episode lists uploaded.

  • 11/09/03 -- Terms & Conditions Uploaded. READ THEM!

  • 11/12/03 -- About Me Uploaded! Now you can read aaaaaall about me. (Yes, I have no life.)

  • 11/16/03 -- Quiz section uploaded.

  • 11/17/03 -- Yay! Apocalypse of Dragons is one month old! I sincerely doubt anyone is actually using this site, but do I care? No! But...If you are, please email me to acknowledge my existence and reassure me this is not all pointless! *** Link me section uploaded. Soooo...Link me! ^^;

  • 11/21/03 -- Clover image gallery uploaded! Remember, if you use them, please give me credit! ~_^

  • 12/09/03 -- Magic Knight Rayearth characters uploaded! There are only four characters so far, but there will be more someday. Hopefully.

All edited images, descriptions, and summaries are me, Nataku, unless otherwise stated. Do NOT use them on your site without my permission.
All images and names from Angelic Layer, Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Clover, (Magic Knight) Rayearth, Tokyo Babylon, Wish, and X are all CLAMP and whatever other companies published/produced them. Yay!

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