Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

These descriptions are based mostly on the events of the Cardcaptor Sakura Manga, but parts have been taken from the Anime. Spoiler Warning! Incorporated into most of these descriptions are short summaries about what happens to the characters throughout the series; they do give lots away!

Sakura Kinomoto is a kind, energetic, and likeable girl that lives with her father and older brother, since her mother died when she was three. She is caught it the center of powerful magic and mystery when hearing a noise in her basement one day, she investigates and finds that the source of the sound was a strange book titled "The Clow". Decorating the cover of the book was a winged lion. When she opened the book she found it was full of cards, and after taking out a card called "The Windy" and speaking its name, a gust of wind scattered the cards away. Soon after, a small mouse-like creature emerged from the cover of the book, saying it was the guardian of the Clow Cards, and after she admitted she had released the cards, it makes her an official "Cardcaptor". As a Cardcaptor it is her responsibility to recapture the Clow Cards using the Sealing Wand before they destroy everything. The only card she has to begin with is The Windy, which she held onto after making all the other cards fly away. At first she refuses to do it, but quickly gives in and and collects the cards with the Guardian as her guide and loyal friend. Sakura finally captures all the cards, only to find out that she had yet another test. Yue, the second guardian made by Clow, tests her to see if she is worthy of becoming the "Master of the Clow". Aided by the Bell of the Moon, she defeats Yue without harming him, and he thus approves her as his, Keroberos', and the Clow Cards' new master. Soon after, a new transfer student begins creating situations in which Sakura must change the Clow Cards into "Star Cards" or "Sakura Cards". The student (Eriol) finally reveals himself as Clow Reed's "reincarnation" (in reality, he is half of Clow's soul because with his last magic the magician split his sould in two, and Eriol recieved the magic and memories). Sakura transforms all the cards, and the last book is dedicated to the Syaoran+Sakura love thing. Syaoran finally tells Sakura his feelings, but then discovers that he must return to Hong Kong. After lots of thought and incertainty, Sakura realizes she loves Syaoran and chases after the bus he is leaving on, giving him a winged teddy bear she stayed up all night to make. Syaoran tells her that he will return, but that it will take awhile for his busines in Hong Kong to be dealt with. One or two years later, he returns with the teddy bear Sakura gave him, and they live happily ever after. Yay ^^

Cerberus/Keroberos, the selector, is the Guardian of the Clow, and the winged lion on The Clow's cover. He fell asleep while watching over the Cards in the book, and had he been awake when Sakura broke the seal of the Cards he would have probably be able to prevent their escape. When Sakura first meets him, he is in his temporary form; a small golden mouse like creature with a tail tuffed at the end and adorable fairy wings. He identifies himself as Keroberos, but Sakura thinks he looks more like a Kero, and thus calls him Kero for the rest of the series. The guardian is unable to return to his true form, the powerful winged lion, until the three elemental cards (Watery, Windy, Earthy, and Firey) are captured. Unfortunatly, the last card remaining unsealed was Earthy, and he was not able to return to his true form in time to assist Sakura is capturing the cards. He cares deeply for Sakura, and is completely obsessed with candy, cake, and everything that is sweet.

Syaoran Li is a direct decendant of Clow Reed, creator of the Clow Cards. He comes to Japan from Hong Kong to capture the cards and is very displeased to find someone else collecting them. He dissaproves of Sakura in the beginning and is constantly telling her how inexperienced and useless she is. At first they are rivals, but as the story progresses they begin working together and eventually become friends. When they first meet, Syaoran likes Yukito, Sakura's older brother Toya's best friend, and gives him chocolate and such because Yukito loves to eat. Unfortunately, Sakura also likes Yukito, and this creates major jealousy issues between them. Further into the series Syaoran begins to develop feelings for Sakura, and Kero explains that the boy's feeling for Yukito were not real, but merely the the result of Syaoran being drawn to Yukito because of the magic inside him. He has a very hard time telling Sakura his feelings, and always either runs away or is interupted by something. This brave and fairly confident character is skilled in martial arts and is very knowledgable about the Clow Cards and their weaknesses and strengths. He does end up finally telling Sakura his feelings, and Sakura tells him that she loves him too. (After alot of tears and blushing on Sakura's part, though O.o)

Tomoyo Daidoji is Sakura's best friend. Tomoyo's mother is the head of a big toy company, as so Tomoyo has lots of money. She looks up to Sakura and admires her, and gets involved with the Clow Cards very soon after Sakura unseals them. Tomoyo loves to video tape Sakura capturing the Cards, and nothing makes her happier than seeing Sakura dressed up in one of her handmade (and very cool looking) costumes made specially for the Cardcaptor. She even makes little matching outfits for Kero. Tomoyo's mother was Sakura's mother, Nadeshiko's, cousin, and the two had a relationship very similar to their daughters'. Tomoyo's mother was always looking up to Nadeshiko and taking care of her, and she was outraged when her cousin got married to one of their teachers, Fugitaka Kinomoto. Exactly what that makes Sakura and Tomoyo, I do not know, but maybe something like second cousins. Tomoyo tags along on most of the Card captures, and is very dissapointed and sad when she misses one. She gets this sparkley look in her eyes whenever Sakura flys around, and some people think that that proves that Tomoyo loves Sakura, while others just think that they just have a very close friendship.

Yue, the judge, is the second guardian. Yukito is his temporary form, and he was disguised as the human until his awakening.Yukito had a mind and heart of his own, and had no idea he was a celestial being, his head filled with false memories. Yue was created by Clow Reed along with Keroberos to protect the Clow Cards, but instead of awakening when the book was unsealed, he was to appear after all the cards had been captured. His job was to judge the captor and determine if the were worthy of being his, Kero's, and the Clow Cards master. Up to the point where he appears Sakura had most of the Cards, but Syaoran also had a few. The moon guardian tested Syaoran, telling him that he had to defeat him, but Syaoran failed, and Yue took his Cards. After that he tested Sakura, but she could not bring herself to attack him, after knowing he was Yukito and remembering her feelings for him. With help from The Bell of the Moon, she defeated Yue in the end, but without harming him, and telling him she wanted to be his friend, not his master. He stands and proclaims her the new Master of the Clow, but her magic is not yet strong enough to maintain both the Clow Cards and their guardians in true form, so Kero and Yue both revert back to their temporary forms. Yue was very attached to Clow Reed, and is very quiet and kind of solemn. In the third season, Yue and Yukito begin to fade away, because Sakura's magic is not enough to sustain the celestial guardian. Unlike Kero, whos power is derived from the sun and can maintain itself, Yue's power is of the moon, needing someone elses magic to reflect and use. Sakura begins changing the Clow Cards into Star Cards, which drain her greatly, so she can no longer uphold Yue's existence. Yue must find other magic, and it just so happens that Sakura's brother, Toya, has some and gives it to Yue so that Yukito will not dissapear. When Eriol reveals himself as part of Clow, Yue asks him why he made him chose a new master when Clow knew would be reborn. Eriol answers that although he shares Clow's memories and powers, he is not Clow himself, and if he had not altered Yue and Keroberos' memories to think he was dead, he knew Yue especially would continue to search for Clow until he found him. He then asks Yue if he hates Sakura for being his new master. Yue replies that no, he doesn't hate her, and Clow says that coming from Yue that must mean he likes her alot. Yue means "Moon" in Chinese.

Yukito Tsukishiro is a kind older boy that smiles alot and has a VERY big appitiete. He is best friends with Sakura's older brother, Toya, and Toya gave him the nickname "Yuki". Sakura has had a crush on him for a very long time, and when Syaoran shows up, they both try to get Yukito's attention by giving him gifts. At the end of the second season it is revealed that he is only a disguise for Yue, the judge. There were many hints throughout the series about him having something special about him, the first being that he eats so much. The reason he eats five large meals a day is because besides maintaining his own energy, he has another heart and personality to feed. When Yukito and Yue begin to fade away beacuse Sakura's magic is not strong enough, Yukito eats even more in an unconscience attempt to process more energy for his true form. The second clue is his last name, Tsukishiro. Tsuki means "moon" in Japanese, and his true form is of the moon element. When Yukito transforms back into Yue for the final judgement, Keroberos, now in his true form, admits that even he did not see it coming, he only felt the moon faintly a few hours before. He says that is makes sense, since the Clow guardians are always near the Cardcaptor, so Yue was disguised as Yukito, Toya's best friend, thus always being near Sakura. Sakura protests saying that it must have been a considence since Yukito was around long before she started collecting the Cards, but Toya says that "There is no such thing as a considence, only necessity." Later, in the Master of the Clow series when Sakura tells Yukito she loves him, Yukito asks her if the love she feels for him is the same as the love she feels for her father, and she realizes it is. He tells her she will find someone someday that will love her more than anyone, and she tells him that he must know how she feels because he has someone he loves the most too. Yukito admits that he does love someone else the most and when Sakura asks if it is Toya, he says yes. (But let us keep in mind that Yukito and Yue have two different hearts, so this does not mean that Yue loves Toya as well.)

Toya Kinomoto, the man with a million dayjobs, is Sakura's older brother. He always has a new job to go to because he wants to pay for college by himself. He is constantly teasing and picking on his younger sister, but is also very protective. When Syaoran arrives and picks on Sakura, Toya gets very mad at him and from then on their relationship goes downhill. Even when Sakura and Syaoran are friends Toya hates him. Toya has something like a sixth sense where sometimes he can see their dead mother, or just know when Sakura is it trouble. This sense is the magic that Toya gives to Yue so Yukito will not dissapear. He acts like he has no idea about what is happening with Sakura and the Clow Cards, but you find out that he knew all along about her being Cardcaptor. He also figured out that Yukito was a celestial being long before anyone else did. When Yukito starts to fade away, he tells him that he does not want to lose him, and thus gives up his magic. Yukito admits that he loves Toya, and to me is it pretty obvious that Toya loves Yukito back. When Sakura needs to give Syaoran the teddy bear she made ofr him, but his bus is leaving, Toya takes her there on his bike, saying that he knew this would happen and that this was why he hated Syaoran from the start.

Eriol Hiiragizawa, the mysterious transfer student from England, is an enigmatic, kind, and talented boy that smiles alot (like Yukito). He appears in the Master of the Clow series or third season. He seems very interested in Sakura and what she does, which makes Syaoran very jealous. Sakura thinks he is very nice, but also senses some similarity between Eriol, Yukito, and her father, Fugitaka (I still have yet to discover this similarity). The side of Eriol Sakura does not see, however, is how he acts like a guardian stalker, creating large problems where Sakura must transform the Clow Cards into Star Cards. It is later revealed that he was Clow Reed, the creator of the Clow Cards and their guardians in a past life. He creates two more guardians aside from Yue and Keroberos; Ruby Moon, her temporary form being a energetic, annoying brown haired girl, and Spinel Sun. As Sakura's magic grows stronger, he says it is harder to mask his presence, and at one point Sakura actually finds him when he is using magic to create a problem for her, but he erases that part of her memory. After she finds him she gets a small glimpse of Clow's past, and sees the day that Clow Reed "died". She watches him assign Keroberos the duty of selecting the candidate for the new Master of the Clow, and Yue the job of judging them. He then puts both guardians back into the Clow book, and later when Sakura describes this to Kero he tells her that was not how it happened, and that he and Yue nursed Clow to the end. Sakura seemes disspointed, but Kero suggests that Clow may have messed with his and Yue's memories. At the end of the memory, Sakura watches Clow use the last of his magic to create two mysterious and unidentified figures. In the fifth book, it is revealed that these two figures were the result of Clow spilting his soul in two, but even after he did that he could not split his magic so one body inherited both the memories and his magic. This body was Eriol, and the other was...Sakura's father, Fugitaka Kinomoto. When Eriol casts his spell that makes everyone sleep, Fugitaka is one of the only people who stays awake. After Sakura restores everything to the way it should be, Eriol asks her to help him by saying a spell that will transfer one half of his magic to Sakura's father, thus freeing him from being the strongest magician in the world and the responsibilities that come with it. Eriol leaves after Sakura changes all the cards, and he tells her to think about how she felt now, saying goodbye to him, and how she would feel different when soon someone very close to her heart would be moving away. Eriol and Kaho Mizuki (Sakura's teacher who aided her with the Bell of the Moon) are in love. Kaho met Eriol while on a trip to England.

Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun are the two guardians Eriol created to assist him. Like Yue, Ruby Moon's power is derived from the moon, and Spinel Sun's power is of the sun like Keroberos'. They each have temporary forms, Ruby Moon's being Nakura Akizuki, a loud, annoying, and all around obnoxious girl that seems to like Toya alot. The real reason she is interested in him, though, is because she wants his magic, and is very mad when Toya gives it away to Yue instead of her. Spinel Sun, dubbed Souppy by Nakuru, has a temporary form similar to Kero's but instead of a mouse he is a black kitten with butterfly wings and a spring-like curly tail. He is the opposite of Ruby Moon because he prefers quite over loud and enjoys reading, not annoying people. More like Yue that any of the other guardians, he likes solitude and goes kind of insane when given sugar. Eriol explains that Ruby and Spinel complete him, and if they did not exist Yue and Keroberos would continue to search for the Clow within him.

Disclaimer: The characters, cards, and related stuff in Cardcaptor Sakura are the artistic group CLAMP and whatever companies the anime was made by.

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