Angelic Layer Characters

Spoiler Warning! There may be spoliers in these descriptions! The descriptions are based on the events in the mangas.

Misaki Suzuhara is a cheerful, determined, 12 year old prodigy. After moving in with her mother's younger sister, Shouko, Misaki sees two "people" fighting on a large television screen and automatically begins cheering for the smaller one to win. Being small herself, Misaki wants to prove that being small does not make you less talented or weaker than a bigger person. When Misaki asks someone who the people on the screen are and why they are fighting, the person responds saying that the two combatants are "angels" - dolls who move according to what their owners think. Everyone seems to know about this game or "angelic layer" and Misaki is extremely happy with the smaller white angel defeats the larger one. Inspired by the victory, Misaki goes to buy her own angel, and while doing so she meets a strange man clad in a white lab coat. He tells her to call him "Icchan", and assists her in buying the equiptment needed to created her very own angel. Once at home, Misaki assembles her angel and names it "Hikaru" after a brave girl she read about in a manga. She designs Hikaru to be lightweight and specialize in speed, and after a few practice sessions with Icchan she tries her luck in the formal battling "layer" against other deus' and their angels. She does extrordinarily well for a beginner, and after many victories (and only one loss) she continues to advance into the finals. Along the way she makes many friends, including Koutarou and Tamayo. Finally she has won enough battles to have the chance to fight Oujirou Mihara and his angel, Wizard. Oujirou is known as the "Prince of the Layer" and has been the champion for two years in a row. She barely beats him, and then moves on to fight the ultimate champion. The champion angel she must fight is the white angel (named Athena) she saw at the beginning, and it turns out that the angel's deus is none other that Misaki's mother, Shuko. Unfortunately, Hikaru could not defeat Athena, but Misaki is still cheerful and happy that she found her mother.
Angel: Hikaru
Blood Type: A
Birthday: April 25

Tamayo Kizaki is a loud, energetic, aggressive girl that quickly becomes Misaki's friend. Tamayo is childhood friends with Koutarou, and she seems to like suffocating him or beating him up - all in good fun, of course X.x She's tomboyish and boisterous, but also good-natured. She is the second person to ask Misaki to marry her after learning Misaki can cook so well. Tamayo dubs Misaki "Misaki-chii", a nickname that Koutarou points out is actually longer than her real name and therefore not really a nickname. But Tamayo doesn't care ^^ She's the kind of person who would do something even if it made absoulutely no sense at all.
Angel: None
Blood Type: O
Birthday: April 17th

Koutarou Kobayashi has been a close friend of Tamayo for a long time. They have been in the same grade since kindergarden, and Tamayo likes to strangle him regularly (Misaki suggests that this ritual of pain may not be good for him, but Tamayo says he's fine X.x). He is sometimes shy, but always nice, and he is with Misaki cheering her on all the way. Hatoko is his little sister, but unlike her, Koutarou does not participate in Angelic Layer. He prefers karate, and his family even owns their own dojo. Tamayo continuously teases Koutarou by saying that he is getting a crush on Misaki, which makes them both blush. In the end of the series, Misaki and Koutarou do end up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.
Angel: None
Blood Type: A
Birthday: September 4

Hatoko Kobayashi is Koutarou's five-year-old little sister, and one of the best angelic layer players. Her angel, Suzuka, is ofter refered to as "Lightning Suzuka" because of her incredible speed and reflexes, and her ability to predict her opponents moves. Hatoko actually watches her opponent deus and predicts their angel's movements depending on where the deus looks. She is Misaki's first real opponent, and Misaki loses to her, but Hikaru lasts longer than anyone else against Suzuka. Hatoko makes Misaki promise to never lose so they can battle again, and Misaki agrees. In the end, it is actually Hatoko who breaks this promise; she loses to Sai in the finals. Sad and dissapointed, she tells Misaki to be sure and win, to prove that young or small people are just as good as older or taller ones.
Angel: Suzuka
Blood Type: A
Birthday: December 7th

Ichirou Mihara, the "insane mentor", is the one who invented Angelic Layer. He helps Misaki get her angel and the equiptment she needs, but for some reason everyone thinks he's a) a stalker or b) insane. For one, he appears out of nowhere looking like an octopus and yelling "Icchan go BOOM!". He tells Misaki that his name is "Icchan" and insists that everyone call him that when he is around her, but you can tell he is someone important to angelic layer.
Angel: None
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: January 12th

Oujirou Mihara is Ichirou's 17 year old younger brother. He is the deus of the only "male" angel you see in the series. His incredible talents have earned him the nickname the "Prince of the Layer", along and lots of (mostly female) fans. His angel, Wizard, can erect a 'Magic' barrier to fend off attackers. This technique forms a sphere of invisible energy around him, and makes him impossible to touch. With this technique he has earned the title of one of the most powerful angels in the world. He does end up getting defeated by Misaki and Hikaru, though. Oujirou also has a weird habit of telling Misaki what color her panties are. O.o
Angel: Wizard
Birthday: October 20th
Blood Type: O

Shoko Asami is Misaki's mother's younger sister and Misaki's aunt. After Misaki decided to go school in Tokyo, Shoko allowed her to stay in her house. She insists that Misaki not call her "Obasan" - the Japanese word for "Aunt" - because she thinks it makes her sound old. Shoko works at a local newspaper and covers Angelic Layer battles once in awhile. After Misaki is defeated by her mother, Shoko is the one that drags her sister (Misaki's mother) back when she tries to run away.
Angel: None
Birthday: August 12th

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