About Me

Online Alias: Nataku

Other Nicknames: Lychii-sama, Konyan Youko, Sapphie.

Email Address: natakulotus@lycos.com

Age: Secret X.x

Gender: Female

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pets: Two Cats -- Nipper and Blueberry /~/ One Parakeet -- Sky

Favorite Colors: Blue, Purple, Silver and Black.

Favorite Animals: Tigers, Leopards, Mountain Lions, Servals, Caracals, Lions, Panthers, Cheetahs, Housecats, and any other breed/species of cat you can think of.

Least Favorite Things: Spiders and other many-legged insects, Chatspeakers, Ebola, people who think Sesshoumaru is theirs, Fanfiction.

Absoulute Enemy/Least Favorite People: Evil Rabid Yaoi Fangirls. I WILL kill you!

Least Favorite Foods: Tofu, Octopus, Eel, Squid.

Things That Are Out To Kill Her: Seaweed, Bottlecaps, Cherry Blossom Petals, Feathers, Pop-ups, Shrink Wrap.

Favorite Animes: Inuyasha, X, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cardcaptor Sakura

Favorite Anime Characters: Sesshoumaru, Youko Kurama, Yue, Nataku, Eagle, Subaru. Baramunku, Kouryuu

Other Stuff: Phwee! Hello ^^ I am Nataku, the sole creator and maintainer of Apocalypse of Dragons. First and foremost I must make the most important rules about being my friend very clear. Here they are:
  • Sesshoumaru is mine.
  • Yue is mine.
  • Youko and Kurama are mine.
  • Nataku is mine.
  • Eagle is mine.
  • Subaru is mine.
  • Cats are prettier, smarter, and all around better than dogs.
  • =^_^= is my symbol.
    Kikyo and Seishirou need to die NOW!

    Got that? Good! Then we will get along just fine. I am very protective of my bishonen, so suggesting otherwise means immediate death by my claws. Besides, they did not really like you anyways! Muahahahahaa! (Yes, I am very mean. But we all have an evil side, ne? Mine is just more pronounced.) =^_^=

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