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MunRae's Space

I'm under construction so please keep checking in with me for new stuff! Thanx for being patient.

Picture Perfect
The 411 on MunRae
MunRae's Original Poetry and Lyrics
Links and Info on MunRae's fav Bands
Legalize and Decriminalize Mary

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Check These Sites Out

Smackdab-Support your local music
Dreamsdog-These guys are kewler than they look!
Southern Tier Brewing-Gotta love the Porter
WORD-These guys know what's up
SuburbanBlend-Attn snowboarders-you'll love Sue & Scott-they have just the stuff you need
God, WEEN, Satan
Kevin Cole Farm - 3rd Annual Harvest Barn Dance & Ho-Down / Blue Oyster Cult, Black Pearl, Big Leg Emma

Things That Will Be Here When I Get To It