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Redid some of the pages. You's raining, I'm off today. Nothing to do...yeah. ergo, productiveness with the page. thumbs up!
[Song of the Day]
Lenny Kravitz- if i could fall in love

what am I to do/if I can't have you

[Book/quote of the Day]
Frank McCourt-'Tis

Great Book. I just started it yesterday and stayed up to two something because I couldn't put it down. It's Frank McCourt's memoirs of how he immigrated from Ireland and so forth. Same man who wrote Angela's Ashes. "It's not enough to be American. You always have to be something else, Irish-American, German-American, and you'd wonder how'd they get along if someone hadn't invented the hyphen."

Oh yeah, I`ve got photography skills. You guys know. I think I take too many pictures. Proud of it too! :D

Why did I put those up? dunno really. Made them for the asianavenue page and needed stuff to put up. fill the space you understand. i'm basically just typing anything right now.

heheheh, we're silly.