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Specifications on Type and Quality of Cable Media

Specifications on Type and Quantity of Cable Media

According to the user requirements, the horizontal cabling should be CAT5 UTP with the capacity to accommodate 100 Mbps.

Our school requires 9,150 of horizontal cabling

Vertical cabling should be either CAT5 UTP or fiber optic multi-mode cabling.

Our school requires 415 of vertical cabling.

The cabling infrastructure will comply with TIA/EIA-568A and TIA/EIA-569.

Product # Needed Cost per unit Total Cost
250' Gray CAT 5 Horizontal UTP Bulk Cable 100MBPS 37 $67.99 $2,515.63
6 Strand multimode Fiber Optic Cable - 500' 1 $349.95 $349.95

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