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User Requirements

Two Local Area Network (LAN) segments will be implemented in Mountain Sky. One LAN will be selected for student / curriculum usage and the other will be selected for administration usage.

School District WAN Specifications:

Two-layer hierarchical model 3 regional hubs will be connected by T1 data lines TCP/IP and Novell IPX High-end, powerful router Frame relay connectivity to the Internet

The LAN infrastructure will be based on Ethernet LAN switching. The transport speeds will be Ethernet 10BASE-T, 100BASE- TX, and 100BASE-FX.

Each of the classroom must be able to support 24 workstations and be supplied with 4 CAT 5 UTP cable runs for data, one run terminated at the teacher's workstation. A single location in each room will be designated as the wiring point of presence (POP) for that room. It will consist of a lockable cabinet containing all cable terminations and electronic components; i.e. data hubs and switches. Mountain Sky is located in the Regional Hub II of the Washington School District so it requires that the network in Mountain Sky must be able to support 325 computers, that is 250 computers for students and 75 computers for administration usage.


Horizontal cabling is Category 5 Unshielded Twisted Pair (CAT5 UTP) and will have the capacity to provide 100Mbps. Vertical (Backbone) cabling will be CAT5 UTP or fiber optic multi-mode cable. The cabling infrastructure will be according to the TIA/EIA-586-A and TIA/EIA-569 standards.

The minimum requirement for initial implementation design will be 10 Mbps to any host computer in the network and 100 Mbps to any server host in the network. Only two OSI layer 3&4 protocols will be allowed to be implemented in this network, they are TCP/IP and Novell IPX.


DNS/E-MAIL SERVER: The school host will be the local post office box and will store all e-mail messages. The update DNS process will flow from the individual school server to the Hub server and to the district server.

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVER: Mountain Sky will contain an Administration server which will house the student tracking, attendance, grading and other administration functions. This server will be running TCP/IP as its OSI layer 3&4 protocols and will only be made available to teachers and staff.

LIBRARY SERVER: Mountain Sky is implementing an automated library information and retrieval system, which will house an online library for curricular research purposes. This server will be running TCP/IP as its OSI layer 3&4 protocols and will made available to anyone at the school site.

APPLICATION SERVER: All computer applications will be housed in a central server at each school location. As applications such as Word processing, Excel, PowerPoint , etc are requested by users these applications will be retrieved from the application server. This server will use TCP/IP as its OSI layer 3&4 protocols and will be made available to anyone at the school site.

OTHER SERVERS: Any other servers will be considered as workgroup servers and will be placed according to users access needs.

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