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last updated: 05.02.2003.0103.

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Ich heisse Jason

Ok here's Jason's page. Am i Jason? Haha, no. I am viNa! this is my "Jason can fill this with his own words later" space. Yes, you know you're envious. Appreciate but don't replicate! sigh. my skills are a force to be reckoned with.

Anywho, blah blah blah page. Click on the S.I. Punk link to the right to see his original page. Mudsliding is fun to be had by all, or so it sounds like. Wait, maybe not all..sigh..knowing me, I'd crash into a tree or something. You can also click the Beau link to see Beau's random quotes. I too enjoy today and all it's subtle varieties. I'm sure you, the viewer, do too.

Why are you still reading this? You don't know me! How did you get onto this page anyways! HEY IF YOU'RE FROM THE NIGHT CLASS YOU'D BETTER NOT BE STEALING OUR TCS info! Alrighty. Je t'embrasse et bonne nuit mes amis chéris. vina signing off. Hahah, "goodnight moon!"