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Mooonchild Knits...and otherwise fills her time in the pursuit of Zen and personal awareness
Thursday, 15 July 2004

hmmm...this is interesting. Obviously, since I'm sitting here typing my thoughts, I'm not knitting. Not at the moment anyway. Actually, haven't knitted in some time, since I'm working two jobs and volunteering in the community. Let's not forget raising a near-adolescent who is more fun to spend time with than most adults I know.

So, I'm ready to start a new project for my neice. Its a cute little dress that transforms into a jumper and then sweater vest as she gets bigger. Found the pattern on Love that website!

Thought I could do it with yarn I have onhand (and desperately need to use before it takes over all of my living space!) but, alas, I don't have quite enough of exactly the right colors. Story of my life. Isn't that how we all end up with more (yarn) than we can handle?

In fact, I think knitting may be more reflective of life than most people realize. Sort of a window to the soul, if you'll pardon the trite expression. Consider the types of projects people choose, when where and how they knit. Its all relative to what's going on in our lives.

And the symbolism...its no coincidence that some of us collect yarn that we love, can't bear to part with it until we find that "perfect" project in which to use it. As a result, those beautiful skeins accumulate until they're taking up way too much space and generally cluttering up our lives. I don't know about the rest of you, but that pretty much sums up my existence in a nutshell. Friends, family, jobs, activities, stuff....I collect them all, then never have the time or energy to make the most of them. They just sit, and I go out "shopping" for new ones when I have specific needs, or take other peoples' rejects and make them my own.

So, there it is. Today's thoughts on knitting and personal enlightenment. You can tell me what you think if you want, but don't feel obligated to share. After all, this is my project (aha! add one more to the list of projects I've initiated to help me find myself!!) so you really don't need to contribute unless its cathartic for you. In that case, feel free to use this as a pit stop on your own journey. Just don't expect that it will be the road to your self-fulfillment. You'll have to build that one for yourself!

Posted by moon/mooonchild at 9:30 AM CDT
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