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Name: Kim Huong Nguyen
Nicknames: Kimmy, Kimmae
Address: I don't want any stalkers
Telephone: Just ask me....I won't bite you
Date of Birth: 4th September 1985
Age: 18
Star Sign: Virgo
Fav Colour: moonlyte blue
Chinese Star Sign: Ox
Cartoon character that best resembles me and why:
oooo....Dori from "Finding Nemo"...she's sooo like me
because I am forgetful and clumsy just like she is.
You just gotta love her playful, friendly and bubbly nature
Most Prized Possession: My piano of course!!!
Also, i can't forget my lip gloss and mobile phone.
Fav Place: the beach....i just love walking along the
beach in the evening with the warm breeze
Motto: Today well lived, makes very Yesterday a Dream
of Happinesss and Every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope

Highschool: Chisholm Catholic College
University: Curtin University of Technology
Course Currently Studying: Engineering

Hobbies: playing piano, sewing and various other arts and crafts, shopping
Interests: feng shui, music, palmistry, programming
(well when things go my way in programming than it's really cool
but it can get frustrating at times when things don't
work how it's suppose to be)

Best Friends for life: Rebecca Rabel and Juliana Hoe

Likes: cute things!!! (heheh...i'm soo gurlie)
Dislikes: people who take advantage of other people,
selfish people, snobs, mean people, poople who are up themselves

Fav Movie: Catch me if you can, Finding Nemo, Cruel Intentions
Fav Songs: Angels Brought Me Here

The Most Embrassing Moments:

The Most Mysterious Moments:

I occasionally see my grandfather in my dreams who has
passed away a few years ago.

The Most Happiest Moments:

The Most Sad Moments:

The Most Unforgettable Moments:

The Most Thoughtful Moments:

In year 9, my friends threw me a surprise birthday party.
OMG, that was the most thoughtful thing that anyone has done for me.
I'll never forget that too.

In year 12, my friends bought me a new graphics calculator because
I lost my old one and was sooo afraid of getting into trouble with my parents.
I just don't know how to thank you guys hey.

On my 18th Birthday, my friend Jonathon Poon brought me
3 cup cakes and stuck a candle on one of them.
He's such a thoughtful and wonderful guy.