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Pick up Lines!

**Nice shoes.....wanna screw?!?
**Excuse me, I've seem to have lost my virginity, can I have yours?
**Girls are sexy, guys are fine I'll be your six if you'll be my nine!
**Save water, shower with a friend.
**Nice pants. Can I test the zipper?
**So long as we're in the theatre....why don't we get some play?
**Hey baby do you have a mirror in your pants cuz I can really see myself in them.
**Those pants look nice on you but they'd look better on my floor.
**You know, sweetie, my lips won't just kiss themselves...
**If you can't be with the ones you love, then love the one you're with.
**If you were ice cream and I were hot chocolate I'd pour all my love onto you.
**We'll probably never see each other again, so let's screw.
**Clothes look heavy on ya, want me to relieve some!!!
**I think I love you but I can't be sure until I kiss you...
**Roses are red, violets are blue, can we screw?
**I must be in heaven because I'm standing next to you!
**Can you help me find my puppy? I think he went into this cheap motel room.
**I'm a used car but you can still drive me!
**Let's make out so I can see if you taste as good as you look!
**You are the hottest thing since sunburn.
**Do you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie-pop? Wanna find out?
**Hey baby, you are like a pot of gold... Hard to get and hard to hold.
**Quick, somebody call the cops, you just stole my heart.
**Do you know what would look good on you? Me.
**I can read palms. {write your # on their hand} OOh it says your gonna call me soon!
**I was just checking your tag to see if you were made in heaven.
**Excuse me, but does my tongue taste funny to you?
**Hey babe, can I have your number? I think it'll look better in my pocket than in your head.
**I think you've got something in your eye. Oh nevermind, it's just a sparkle.
**Baby... wanna come for a ride?
**The only thing I want between our relationship is latex.
**Save water, shower with a friend!
**You must be Jamaican, Cause you Jamaican me crazy.
**I think I'm in heaven because you look like an angel. Can you take off your shirt so that I can check for wings?
** Do you believe in love at first site,
or should I walk by again?
** You have to put me in touch with your
personal trainer!
** Hi.
(Well, it beats saying nothing!)
** I lost my number, can I have yours?
** I forgot my history book -
can I hook up... I mean, look on with you?
** Whatever you're campaigning for,
you've got my vote.
** Britney and Justin broke up, but I bet we could make it work.
** I'm no science whiz,
but I feel some chemistry between us!

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