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Take a Journey

on the Erie Canal

        The Erie Canal was a man-made aqueduct (waterway) which connected the Hudson River to Lake Erie. Alongside the river was a ten foot wide towpath. The towpath was a walkway that young boys (Hoggees) walked on. They lead horses, mules and oxen. Since this was before the gasoline engine was invented, these animals were used to pull the barges (boats) down the canal.

      Well now, you might have some questions, just as I did:

·         How long did it take to build the canal?

·         Are their websites that have pictures of the animals pulling the barges?

·         What exactly are locks?

·         How did the Erie Canal make New York’s wealth grow?

      Come along with me on a journey through the fascinating history of the canal. The answers to these questions, and more, are at your fingertips.