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Iím going to cut myself...
Right Now
Why? You say with that look
of innocence upon your face
that look I love so much...
Because I hurt already
Because I feel so alone
Because my hands are shaking
and my heart is beating so loudly youíd think itíd
break out of its prisoned walls and
fall to the floor right in front of me, and you
And my head is swimming in
thoughts of you and him
and the price of lipstick
and starving children over
in Africa, somewhere
But I still canít think at all
-nothing registers
And I just want to see
the blood
a clean line
something pure
something red
something beautiful
and yet simple
that keeps me alive

Iím going to cut myself
You hate that...
Makes you cry
I love you for that
Thank you
for that...

But Iím still going to cut myself...