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your soul shall find itself alone...
alone of all the earth... unknown...


so. all of my friends have gotten online journals. thus, i have decided to restart my journal even though i never really write and i get bored and anoyed doing it. oh well. too bad for me, right? yep.

anyway. i don't have anything too special to write about.
i have a roommate. i'm getting excited about university. yep that's right, danielle's getting excited over something. woo hoo. yippie...
uh... yeah. i've been spending quite some time chasing after a certain boy and i'm beginning to get quite sick of it. however, i must be persistant 'cause i really need to tell him some very important things. yes very important
i'm reading a new book now, called Maurice. it's really good. it's supposed to be the first book about a homosexual male who actually finds love in the end. oooooh controversal.
i'm gonna see radiohead. yay.
i'm weighing myself tomorrow. i am afraid. i know i've gained weight, but i don't know how much. how very frightening.
in case you can't tell- i am in a very odd mood. i don't care either. ha!
well. i'm gonna sign off now.
talk to you all later...