~*~*~Emily's pov~*~*~

I woke up the next morning so happy. I had the best night ever! It was my first date ever and it was the best. We went to dinner then talked then to a movie then saw fireworks. It was so cool. I got home at 11:30 and went right to bed. I was to happy to stay up. He was so sweet. The night was perfect. I couldn't wait to talk to him again. I got out of bed and looked around. I knew this had to be a dream. I went and took a bath. I was so relaxed I missed hearing my cell ring. I was in there for a good hour. When I got out I put on my robe and glanced at my phone and heard the message.

"Hey Emi, it's Aaron. it's about 10. I was calling to see if you wanted to go to the beach. It will be a group thing. Me and my friends. You can bring Lola. I know we do not want anyone to know abut us yet. I thought we could all hang out. We are gonna have a bondfire tonight around 7. Text me if you wanna hang out or not. Talk to you later!" I smiled as I heard him talk. He was so sweet. I text him back and said sure. I would get Lola to go. Sure enough she was more then willing to go. We got changed and went to the beach I made sure I grabbed sweaters in case we stayed for the bonfire. I didn't let Lola know I knew about the group who would be there.

When we got there I looked for Aaron. I saw him in near the waters egde and made sure we were near where he was.

*~*~*Aaron's pov*~*~*

I looked around for her. I saw her near our spot. She had on a green and blue bikini. Her friend had on a black bikini. Emily looked like she was trying not to notice me. I grabbed my buddy Greg and went to see them. I had to make it seem like we just knew eachother othing else. It was hard.

"Emily?" I said. She looked up and smiled.
"Hello Aaron. You remember Lola." She said.
"Nice to see you both again. This is my buddy Greg Smith. Greg, this is Lola Sanders and Emily Bright." I smiled.
"Why don't you ladieds join us. We are gonna have a beach party soon. We were gonna send Aaron to get some drinks." Greg said.
"Oh your so nice Greg!" I laughed.
"Sure. We don't really know anyone arond here yet. We should make a few friends, come on Emi!" Lola said as she jumped up. Emily nodded at Lola and Lola and Greg went on ahead while Emily and I grabbed the things. Told everyone I was going to get drinks and Emily offered to go. We left and went to a little store a good walk away.

"This is nice. Thanks for asking us to come." She said as I pulled her close.
"I wanted to see you today. Greg set up the beach party. I thought why not ask you." I laughed. We stopped at the end of the walk at the store. We got 3 12 packs of soda and began to talk back. We stopped at a bench and sat down. She looked at me and smiled. I gave her a soft kiss and she smiled more. I pulled her close and sighed. I liked this. I heard some voices and looked over.
"We better get going. Here comes Craig and Erica." I said in a low voice. We got up and went back to the group. She sat down on her towel and was about to put on some sun screen. She had placed her towel near mine and Lola's near Greg. Lola was to busy to care about us.
"Aaron can you put this on my back?" She asked, handing me the sun screen.
"Sure." I said as she laid down. I rubbed it on her back and she thanked me. SHe got up and went to the waters edge. She slowly walked into the water and went under quickly. I sat there and watched her. All of a sudden I felt water all over my head and back. I turned around and saw Lola. She ran off and joined Emily in the water. I went and joined them in the water. I picked up Lola and went farther into the water and dropped her in. That resulted in an all out water war.

later that same day.......

Lola and Greg had left and gone to see a movie or something. Craig and Erica were off down the beach doing lord knew what. Everyone was busy with each other. Emily and I had gotten our things together and loaded our cars. When we had that done we went and stood on the pier. We stood there and watched the sun set. I held Emily close as the wind began to blow. I kissed her cheek and she smiled.

"I so don't think I can make it home." She said out of nowhere.
"What do you mean?" I wondered.
"I am too tired to drive. I won't make back to Brian's." She explained.
"Well we were all gonna meet up at my place. You could stay there if you want." I offered.
"Just let me tell Brian." She said then stopped.
"Em I do not think that would go over well." I laughed as I pulled her closer.
"Good point. Well I'll tell him that I am at that girl Erica's. He cal call the cell of he needs me." She sighed. She was too tired to think. We walked to the cars and sighed.

Lola was back and she was more awake then Emily. I talked to Greg and explained it. He was more then happy to make sure that Lola got to my place ok. I told him I would drive Emily. I got her things and placed them in my car. Once everyone was ready we took off.
When we got to my house we sent people to bedrooms. The last thing I remembered was sitting on the couch with Emily's head on my shoulder.