*~*~*Aaron's pov*~*~*

I was on my way to the strip and I got a text message from Emily. I smiled as I read. She was early.
"Where are you I am at the store but I do not see you." She wrote. I smiled and tried to hurry without getting a ticket.
I pulled into the lot and went to find Emily. She was standing infront of the store in a knee legnth blue dress. She looked perfect. She had her hair up and she was looking around for me. When she saw me she smiled. As I walked over to her began to sifted like she was nervous. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"About time." She laughed.
"Oh really? Well I had a thought. If you would lke you can pick where we go for dinner and the movie." I offered.
"Well as sweet as that is, I do not know any resturaunts around here." She said.
"You can pick the movie." I said.
"And you pick dinner bunny." She smiled.
"Bunny?" I asked trying not to laugh.
"I dunno. I always wanted to call someone that." She said shyly.
"Cool. I got a nickname from a girl." I smiled. We walked to a little diner that was near by.

~*~*~Emily's pov~*~*~

As we walked into the diner I smiled. I thought it was so cute. It was a little 50's diner. They seated us in the back in a booth that was just right for two people. We ordered drinks and talked a bit.

"So what were you like in school?" Aaron asked.
"I was popular, only because I was Bri's little cousin. It got old. Lola would try to get me to go out on dates with the guys at our school, but I wouldn't. I didn't trust them." I could not believe I had said that.
"Well not all guys are nice like me." He said with a killer smile. You know the kind. The kind that melts you and you can not help, but smile back.
"What was life like when you toured with the boys?" I asked.
"Well it was different. I mean veruses having my own tour. I had my own bus so Nick was always on mine and the guys thought I was so cute. That got old." He groaned.
"Awww poor bunny. Your not cute." I said with a grin.
"Oh really? Then what am I?" he asked.
"Let's see how can I discribe you. Hot, sexy, buff and handsome. I can't forget funny." I grined.
"Oh really? How did you come to those words?" He asked with a sly grin.
"All I could think of." I smiled. Our food came and we ate while we talked some more.

When we left the dinner it was only 7:30. So Aaron came up with the idea we could walk on the pier and stand at the end and look at the water. We reached the end and he stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He rested his chin on my shoulder and sighed.

"This is nice." I sighed.
"It is." He agreed as he kissed my cheek.
"So were you shocked when you found out who I was?" I asked.
"Kinda. I mean I never thought I would have met Brian's cousin on the strip. You looked kinda shocked when you found out Nick was my brother." He laughed.
"Kinda yeah. I mean it shocked me at first. I mean I kinda had a crush on when I was like 14." I confessed.
"Oh really?" He said in a hushed voice.
"Yep. I never thought I would be on a date with you." I smiled. I turned and faced him. He leaned my chin up and he kissed me. Not demanding or anything. It was sweet. He slowly pulled away and smiled at me.
"Maybe we should, uh go see the movie or something." He said.
"Yeah. Maybe." I laughed.

We left the pier and went to his car. We went to a theater and I picked out How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. We got some snacks and found some seats in the back. At the theater we were at you could move the armrest to make a bigger seat. Aaron put his armrest up and pulled me closer to him. It felt nice. It felt nice to have a guy hold me close.

*~*~*Aaron's pov*~*~*

I held Emily close as we watched the movie. I made sure she was comfy and leaned back a bit. She laid her head on my chest and sighed. It felt so right. Her there with me. Half way thru the movie my cell phone began to vibrate. I ignored it fo a while until it got to bug me. I got up and went ouside to answer it.

"Hello?......No I'll be home by 11......I am out....Why do I have to tell you where I am?......Your not dad I can be out if I want. I'll call you when I get home. Bye." I said as I hung up and went back to the movie. I sat back down with Emily and hugged her close. We left the theater at the end and I asked where to now.

"So.....now where too?" I asked.
"Well it is only 10:20. What is there to do?" She asked.
"We could go and sit on the beach for a while or we could go to a club or whatever." I replied.
"Or whatever? What does whatever entail?" She asked.
"I got an idea. There something I had always wanted to do, but was never on a date or anything to do it." I said as I left the lot. We arrived a short while later and I covered her eyes and led her to a hill. I sat down then helped her sit. I told her to hold on. I knew it was just moments away. I counted down and told her to open just as the show started. A awesome fireworks show. She was awing over it all. I held her close as the wind kicked up a bit. At the end of the show I took her back to the strip and stood with her for a bit.

"I had a lot of fun tonight." She smiled. "So did I. Maybe we can do it again sometime." I tossed out.
"Maybe, depeneds on how this night ends." She joked.
"And just how would that be?" I asked. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me down a bit.
"I was thinking a kiss maybe." She smiled. I leaned in and kissed her softly. She got in her car and waved as she left. I stood there smiling. It was the best date I had in a long time.