~*~*~Emily's pov~*~*~

I was so mad at them. How could they do that! They had no idea how much Aaron ment to me. I had jumped jumped into my car and took off. It had started to rain. My day was just getting worse. I went to the pne place I felt safe. I pulled into his driveway and ran to the door. I knocked and waited for him to open his door. When he did he hugged me close. He took me inside and I started to cry again. He sat us on the couch and I sat on his lap. I got as close as I could to his chest and just cried.

"Baby you ok? Aside from the fight?" He asked.
"No. I can't handle this. I mean they see me as a baby. Not as an adult." I cried.
"Well it's their loss if they can't see how grown you are. Or how sweet and kind you are." He said, making me cry a little less.
"You mean that?" I asked in a low voice.
"You are the most incredbul girl I have met. I mean everything I say to you. I mean your so sweet to everyone. You have a big heart. Those are a few of the things that make me love you more then I do." He said.
"What did you say?" I asked.
"What part?" He asked looking confused.
"That last part." I answered.
"That those are a few things that make me love you more then I do?" He asked.
"You love me?" I asked not quite getting it.
"Yea. I mean I have not met any girl like you. Your on my mind all the time. No matter what. You have these little thigs you do." He smiled.
"Like what?" I asked, while chewing on my lower lip.
"Well like how you chew your lip.......How you twist your hair around your fingers.......Your eyes......Your smile." He said as he kissed he softly after each thing.
"I love you too." I said as I laid my head on his shoulder. He hugged me close and we sat there for a bit.
"As niec as this feels, I think we are both a little wet." He laughed. I looked down and saw that my clothes were kinda soaked.
"I don't have anything I can change into." I said.
"You can borrow some of my sweats. I don;t want you to get sick on me." He smiled as he kissed my forehead, my nose then my mouth.

*~*~*Aaron's pov*~*~*

I lead Emily upstairs and gave something to wear. I told her she could take a shower if she wanted to and that I was going to turn on the heater. I had the thought of putting her car in the garage. So I asked if it was ok. She said sure. So I pulled my car and her's in and went back inside. I was going into one of the guestrooms when Emily came out. She looked so cute in my sweats. The bottoms were falling off a bit. I smiled at her.
"I put the cars up and turned the heat on." I said and she smiled a bit.
"Your sweet." She smiled.
"I am gonna go change. You can watch TV in the living room or in the den. I'll be done pretty fast." I told her. She smiled and nodded. She went to the den and curled up on the couch.

A little while later I walked in to the den and sat next to Em. She sat with her head on my chest and I ran my hands through her hair as we watched TV. A movie came on just as the door bell rang. I looked at Emily and stood up. I didn't feel like moving. I was happy sitting with Emily. I looked through the peephole and sighed. It was Nick. I opened the door and looked at him.

"Aaron have you seen Emily? Brian and Kevin sent me to find her." Nick said.
"Even if I had seen her why would I tell you. So you can run back to Brian and Kevin so they can lock her up?" I replied.
"Look, I told you when you saw her it was not a good idea to ask her out or date her." Nick said.
"Look I took a chance on asking her out. She said yes and we have been seeing each other since then." I explained.
"Can we come in. It is getting kinda bad out here." Nick asked. I moved so he and Lola could come.
"Wait here. I'll be right back." I said as I left the room. I went to the den and saw that Emi had fallen asleep. She looked so cute. I grabbed a blanket and covered her up and went back to Nick.
"Look I saw how you were with her when Kevin flew off the handle. I am sorry about that." Nick said.
"Dude you do not do that! I mean you let him chew me out!" I said.
"Aaron look, if you care that much about her then screw what Kevin or Brian say. If you feel that strongly for her then stay with her." Lola said as Emi walked out. She looked so cute, she had just woken up. She sat on my lap, and hugged me.
"Hey Emily." Nick said. She looked at him then rested her head on my shoulder.
"Look as I see it, they hate that we are going out. Why should they care? I mean I know that Emi is their cousin and all. We are adults. We should be able to make our own choices. I mean it fair for you 3 to jump down our necks for our choice." I said. Emily nodded her head and moved a bit.
"Look I know you both mad and everything, but if you talked to Kev and Bri I am sure you could work it out." Nick offered.
"Look can we just drop it? I don't really want to habout it anymore. That is why I came here." Emily said as she lifted her head then laid it back down.
"Where is the rest room?" Lola asked. Nick offered to show her.
"Do I have to go back there tonight?" She asked.
"No baby, not if you don't want to. You can stay here." I offered.
"I would like that." She said as she sighed.
All of a sudden there was a loud crash. Nick came out and looked at us. We got up and looked out the front door. A tree had fallen. It landed right on my driveway.

~*~*~Emily's pov~*~*~
Well this was great I was stuck in a house with one of the people who were mad that Aaron and I were together. I sighed and watched the rain start to fall harder.