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Ramblings might be more accurate. This is the home of my fic, primarily Harry Potter. I hope you enjoy my forays into the world of fiction.

the fic:
My HP fanfiction/ HP fanfiction I collaborate on. I might eventually try to add some other authors. So feel free to submit. Here are some stand alones and a series that has been started.

Something More
(The Ron/Draco fic I'm writing with the lovely Lady DeathAngel. This is already quite long, I'll warn you now. It's also smutty as everything. Really. NC-17.)

(A Viktor Krum/Hermione ficlet. Alright, alright. It's really just blatent Ron/Hermione propaganda, but I have a soft spot for Krum, so it had to happen.)

Coming to an Understanding
(Harry/Luna fluff. Written for the Harry/Luna ficathon, of which I was a co-mod. We got some excellent fic, if you happen to like Harry/Luna.)

(A very short, fluffy (and of course utterly unfettered by plot) Ron/Hermione ficlet.)

Very Strange
(Draco/Draco crack!fic. Pure snark and smut with intentionally obvious avoidance of plot. Written for a timeturner!fic request over at Harry Potter Slash Fantasy. Hard R - light NC-17.)

I Show Not Your Face But Your Heart's Desire
(Two Ron/Hermione stories. Fluff.)

Just Another Cliche series
(A series I wrote with Pandora. Four stories about three couples: Seamus/Dean, Ron/Hermione, and Remus/Sirius.)

an unnamed series I'm working on
(Set in the Marauder's era. Centers around Remus/Sirius. Also, to a lesser extent, Snape/OC. Yes, I know, but everyone's gotta write one Mary Sue-type-thing. Just to get it out of their system, you know? So this is mine.)

Non-HP fic. (Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean, so far.)

Peter Pan 100th birthday tribute
(Even though he's never had a birthday...)

(My first attempt at Pirates of the Caribbean fic. Fluffy Sparrington-ness. (aka Jack Sparrow/James Norrington) Pre-slash, really. Because they're both so endearing, in their own ways. Rated... G?)

venture out

Please give me feedback through either the handy guestbook or my e-mail. (I heart reviewers!) I'm also looking for other authors/fandoms so let me know if you'd like to be archived here or know of something that should be.

last updated May 4th, 2006


(Seamus/Dean fluffy smut-like-ness. Hard R to light NC-17. Slightly politically incorrect and may cause cravings. Just saying.)

       I'm once again getting better about not only writing fic but actually updating. Yay! I now have cute Seamus/Dean to offer.

I've also gotten sucked into the world of Harry Potter rpgs on livejournal. I play Ron (no surprise there, really) in Fiery Inception (possibly the best run lj Harry Potter rpg out there) and Inside the Night (which has a great premise and is really just getting started) and I just started playing Seamus in Versipellis. Check them out if you're so inclined. All three need players and all are good to just read. The first two are also post-War, though Inside the Night is extremely dark, while Versipellis is during the War and focused on the werewolves.

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