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My Disfigure


(quotes from the dictionary)

Disfigure: Mar, deface.

Deface: mar the face or surface

Mar: scratch, impair in quality.

Impair: to make or become worst.


Alright everyone.... Wee.... Welcome to my page!! I actually got it up... how impressive; and after only six million tries. It took me a year and a half but I've finally begun!!! So, yeah... it's under construction, in case you haven't notice, and probably will be so for a long, long time... so... be patient, roaches.

(P.S... Links in GREEN don't work)



Fish Heads

So, yeah... I started updating this piece of shit onto an angelfire... don't I feel special? Do you? No? Well, then, you suck... I got the intro up and, right now, I'm working on this page right here... so, if you'll kindly leave me alone I'll return to my work... thanks and a special thanks to Heather!



Finally! I have started the updates! The changes to a ME-site rather then a shrine type thing. This is the big part of what's happen today (sad, isn't it). I wish I had some sort of life... OH WELL, I think I'll go kill someone. BYE! 

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