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Kyrne is a MMORPG, this game has alot of potential and it is currently in strong development they will soon have pre-alpha please go to there site at and sign up at there forums.

Wensday, June11th 2003

It is here! The moment we have all be waiting for Kamron is opening the doors to Kyrne this weekend if you want to sign up you must go to the website! Also take some screen shots and send them to me :P In other news though I will be gone Thursday through Saturday o sry guys but this site won't be updated...

Monday, June9th 2003

When the game starts I will most likly have some contest,one of these will be the best screen shot contest.(There will be 3 openings) Of course you just find a pretty place with you init and press the Print Scr/Sys Rq Button it will be saved some where you will just have to find it...But there will be more as usual e-mail me i you have any Ideas. P.S Once the game gets really big there might be a prize for the 1st place screen shot and more!

Updates and News

Monday, June9th 2003

I got the URL for Akura's site but I will not put it up till later other than that I have no new news.But I can say that the Kyrne will be coming out for testing sometime this year.

Sunday, June8th 2003

I might not update every single day but I will atleast update every other day. When the game starts I will update every so I just wanted to tell you so you want be coming to this site every day and then there is nothing new also my good friend Akura will be making a Kyre site so I will give the URL to that site when I find it out.

Saturday, June7th 2003

I have learned why you save alot...the hard way. I have a guest book and a poll just scroll down to the bottom. I would really love for you to answer the poll and sign the guestbook. Thanx alot!

*5 minutes later* (sigh) I am so bored I am going to upload some images if I feel like it I think I am getting sick -_- My little brother got walking phnemoia or however you spell luckily it only lasted for like 3 days but i really don't know why I am talking about my personal life on this site I guess I am just REALLY bored. Well anyway I can't wait till pre-alpha starts it will be so much fun! I will also beable to get some screenshots for this site that will help it alot!

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