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Pics of Korea click the link u want to see

WCG pictures
WCG pictures
WCG pictures

The World Cyber Games and my holiday in Seoul(Korea, october 2003

The old palace in center of Seoul

This site is about my stay in South Korea. In the Netherlands I had to explain about 1 thousand times why i was going to Korea and what I was going to do there. I am not a bad person so I just explained it a thousand times. So here is number 1001
I was talking to my gaming friend Benny in march 2003. We were talking about the WCG(world cyber games) later that year in october. We were just talking and at some point we decided to stay there for 2 weeks. Since I am not good enough in gaming to get the free ticket and play there it was just a holiday for me. A few months later he arranged me a job as teamleader of Luxembourg so I could stay in the Olympic Parktel with all the players and the rest of the 55 teamleaders for a week. U can imagine that so many different cultures ends up in great fun and a lot of beer drinking.
So the first 8 days i was busy at the WCG. After those 8 days the Dutch and Luxembourg player were going home again and we were staying for 10 more days. So thats Benny, me and Tim. He is a dutch gamer and decided to stay a week longer. Tim isn't a real dutchy though he is more like a Korean. He likes Korea, he don't like Holland, he likes Korean food, he hates dutch food, every Korean girl looks good enough for him to go home with(I don't lie about really every korean girl and i mean all of them)and he dislikes the blond dutch girls. Further about Bennny he is just an alcholic like me and most of the Korean ppl.
Now i give u a short summary of my view about Seoul. Yeahhhhhhh, Yihaaaaaaaa, great times, I LOVE THE FOOD, beautiful women so I advice all people: GO THERE!!!!!!!

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