Aye my Page has had ppl here since 9/30/2003!!!

)-(ey y'all out there readin this yew probably think I'm iggnorant but I aint I'm doin this cause everyone else has one so here goes!! My name is Adam Dwight Burgess and I'm 16 I was born on July 5th, 1987!! YAY go me!! Ne ways I was a Junior at Logan Hell Hole till I dropped out cause I was so sick of the shit I went thru!! Oh and btw I am puttin the ppl in the shoutouts in alphabetical order so nobody bitches about who's before who!!

*|v|*~Yew are the shit!!! I can't wait till Friday gurl we be gettin sum "beetles" hehe after all the drama we go thru, we need it!! Yew have always been like part of the family to me and I hope it stays that way forever and ever and yew know I will always be there to listen to yew when yewr down!! OMG I can't believe that dream I had about the *Train Station* cause Greg looked like Dennis Rodman EWW LOL!! I also have to meet Brent and come down there on Christmas!! Love Yew!!!

**~Gurl I remember we used to fight like wet hens now were the odd couple!! lol!! And when yew get 30 some years old and if yewr children smoke, tell them about our smoking misadventures and ne time yew need someone's shoulder to cry on, come to me I'll always be there for yew!! Please do me one favor though, and that's not to go out with Charles cause yew do deserve better than that skank!! *333*!

*-ߣ*~We really aint been through that much shit, but we had some ass kickin times on the bus!! This winter, take an umbrella and tell Bunnie to bring one and beat the side of the bus with em and throw some cookies at Nasty for me!! I might start comin down on my bike if mom will lemme!! Love Yew!!

*G*~Yew are like one of the evilest ppl I know *In a good way* hehe I know we don't get together very often, but the times we have are the shit lol like what we did to Christine it was funny but tell her I am sorry for that still yet!! That was also the first night I spent in a hotel too and it was really wierd!! Love Yew!!

*߮ght*~First of all to getcha laughin, Bunnie and the playground hehehe and second of all remember I have enough to blackmail yew hehehe! It is a total shame to be that little!! *Centimeter Tiny* LMAO!! I can't believe yew ditten tell Anna about *RAM* hehe being *Outta it* is juss an excuse don't lie yew know yew liked it!! Oh and no smartass comments on the pic I selected either!! Love Yew!!

**~So much, oh so much we've been thru!! We gonna get together at Katie's picnic table and roll us some!! Next time we get ^ together, remind me not to smoke it on an uneven platform, them ride a bike cause I almost got killed!! lol Yew are in love and imma be the matchmaker hehe I'm pretty good at that and no don't ask!! Love Yew!!

*)-(*~The pic describes it all!! Child,I dunno what to do with yew and Josh lol but I hope that yew 2 get back together and I hope MOO MOO don't get in the way cause if she does shes got me to deal with too!! LOL If she sits on me, I have medical insurance so just come to my house and get it from mom and take me to the hospital LOL!! And I actually enjoyed listening to yew when yew needed someone to listen and yew know I will always be there for yew!! Love Yew!!

*|v|*~Bitchy bitchy bitchy *Hey that's me!!*lol we have been through more shit than ever!! I will always remember the time we went to Bob Evans!! lol and everytime it rains, look for me to be over there to play in it with yew aight! Gurl we is gonna go sleigh-ridin this winter!! And don't ask why I put that pic there for yew juss to piss yew off I guess!! Love Yew!!

*Th ߮t*~Yew are my sis and I is sowwy I'm not there to wake yew up in 3rd period ne more but I had to get outta that hell hole!! Next time yew go to shop, tell Justin *Cute dude in my class* that I said "HEY!!" aight!! And do not *melt* cause yew will probably be so humiliated that yew juss wanna cry!! And stick yewr head in cooking class and look at Tuwanna and tell her she looks like the devil!! Love Yew!!

)-(ere's to the rest of y'all cause I don't feel like doin these till Christmas!!

To LMS- Cody Evans, Emily Blair, James Workman, Joanie, Kaycee Alberts, Kayla Frye, Kayla Thompson, and Kelli Donahoe!!

To LHS- Aleisha Wright, Amber Dowdy, Amber Wright, Anna Browning, Barbie Belcher, Becky Calloway, Brandon Simpson, Britt Morris, Brittany Mayhorn, Bryan Akers, Charli Kitchen, Constance Meadows, Danny Young, Domino Morgan, Jaimie Mayhorn, Jessica Hensley, Joanie Alford, Kassi Horton, Kayla Ferrell, Kayla Robison, Kayla Woody, Khrista Frye, Kristen Collins, Krystal Hager, Laura Chambers, Laura McGunkin, Lizard Damron, Loren Williams, Maranda Wilson, Mark Tabor, Mary Williams, Megan Webb, Melinda Harrison, Rachel Bronz, Raelina Hill, Sarah Dillon, Slip-n-Slide Albright, Stacy Collins, Summer Sparks, Tiffany Lesher, Tiph Herndon and Veronica Lusk!!

To MHS- Josh Smith and Renee Ball!!

To CMS- Brittany Dillon!!

To CHS- Justin Woody!!

To MHS- Scott Maynard!!

I also wanna give some shoutouts to Bobby Blevins, Crystal Johnson, Linda Saunders, Pam Lewis, Patty Evans, Phoebe Alberts, Phyllis Blair, Susan Albright, TJ Hepler and Travis!!

And to the best bitch ever- Ciera Conley yew will always be here with us on Whitman Creek!! LOVE Y'ALL A LOT!!!!

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