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Junko's homepage in Japan

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. This site features crossdressing for enjoying feminine fashion and wild fancies, either sadistic or masochistic, that are evoked when I wear a pleated or flared skirt, so defenseless and vulnerable to malevolent mind.... I am a man in both sex and gender, although a little bit sissy in mentality. Physically, I am completely macho having thick after-shave stubbles, a highly projected Adamfs apple, rough and shaggy legs. A typical businessman in appearance, I live in Japan, in a small snowy city facing the Sea of Japan. I love to wear a fluttery skirt, such as a flared or pleated one, on layers of full and half slips. I also like feminine items and accessories including garters, stockings and highheels. Occasionally, I go out from hotel, dressing up as a business woman, to wander through crowds on night streets of Tokyo or some local city, with no intimate underwear, gently swinging the skirt hemline. For your understanding, Junko is a common name for Japanese women. Wearing a fluttery mini-skirt and calling myself Junko, I am divided into two personalities, boyish and girlish, to awake sexual feeling associated with both sadistic and masochistic pleasure.
Junko's homepage in Japan is a petit gallery to show or "expose" crossdressed Junko to worldwide public for her humiliation. Junko will be very happy to be sexually humiliated in feminine clothings. Junko loves sexual torture, punishment and humiliation.
Junko's homepage in Japan is described in Japanese language using Japanese and Chinese characters. It is true that typed words such as "skirt" and "petticoat" in Japanese make my body and mind burn. Typed words are as stimulative as photos and movies. But, I believe anyone who is interested in crossdressing or turned on by seeing crossdressers will be able to enjoy images displayed in Junko's homepage in Japan without having any fragmental knowledge of Japanese language. Just click on any clickables in any page there, and you will be guided to Junko's shameful skirt images, and, occasionally, to Junko's secrets under skirt forced to bare.

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