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Quotations Quest


Find different quotations on history or of the queens around the site. Click on the correct link and you get your quotation. Collect as many as possible to complete the Quotation Crossword and also to expand your knowledge. The link can be in any forms (eg. a picture, alphabet or something invisible to the naked eye). Clues will be given to make the search easier.

Clues: .

Here's a hint. Try highlighting the page to make it easier to find the links to the quotations if not you got to check on everything.

 Let the search BEGIN!!!

This week's set:

1) This Quotation should be in a picture somewhere with Queen Elizabeth I. (Oh this is so easy)

2) It should be checking on what is new or for messages from the web mistresses.

3) It is ON THIS PAGE!!!

4) It may be next to a picture Queen Victoria.

5) It should be somewhere on the games page.

6) It should be reading about Queen Elizabeth I 's birth.

7) It should be admiring some pictures.

8) It is in a coin!!!

9) It should be also at the games page

10) Just near the date when you just enter the website.