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In 1977 The Queen's Silver Jubilee was celebrated in Britain and throughout the Commonwealth. Accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, The Queen travelled some 90,000 kilometres (56,000 miles) to share the anniversary with her people. Enormous crowds greeted them wherever they went, and millions more shared in the celebrations through radio and television. In 1986 The Queen took part in celebrations in Windsor and London to mark her sixtieth birthday.

Although it was not regarded as a Jubilee, the 40th anniversary of The Queen's Accession in 1992 was marked by a number of events and community projects in the UK. These were organised privately or through the Royal Anniversary Trust. On Accession Day itself, 6 February, the BBC broadcast Elizabeth R, a television documentary on The Queen's working life. This was subsequently shown in over 25 countries around the world.
On 20 November 1997 The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh celebrated their Golden Wedding. A special Garden Party for couples celebrating their Golden Wedding was held at Buckingham Palace in July. The anniversary itself was marked by a service at Westminster Abbey, a lunch hosted by the Government at Banqueting House and a family dance held in the newly restored State Rooms at Windsor Castle.

The year 2002 sees The Queen's Golden Jubilee, marking 50 years since The Queen's Accession (rather than the Coronation, which took place in 1953). This special milestone has previously been achieved by only five earlier British monarchs - King Henry III, King Edward III, King James VI and I, King George III and Queen Victoria. Celebrations in the United Kingdom ran throughout the summer months of 2002, including extensive regional visits. The Jubilee Weekend saw the focus of national celebrations, including two free public concerts for over 24,000 people in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, a pageant in the Mall, a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral, and an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace before a crowd of one million people. During the course of the year The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh also visited Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and Canada. 

The Silver Jubilee

The Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977 provided a splash of colour and a rallying point for national unity at a time of severe economic troubles.

It was the largest public display of affection for the Royal Family since the coronation.

After a slow start, enthusiasm for the jubilee picked up during the year, providing a welcome distraction from the UK's failing economy which had seen the nation referred to as "the sick man of Europe".

The Golden Jubilee

The Queen receives flowers from well wishers on one of the many legs of her Golden Jubilee tour.

After spending 50 years on the throne Queen Elizabeth has become one of the longest serving heads of state in the world.

Few of her predecessors spent half a century as monarch, and she has held the role with a firm dedication to duty and a belief in serving her nation and the Commonwealth that has seen her win the respect of people across the UK and the globe.