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Full Name: (surname first) Moon, Heejun
Birthdate: March 14th 1978
School: Seoul Yaejun University (bangsong yunyae)
Nickname: Gizmo
Religion: Buddhist
Blood type: B
Height: 173cm
IQ: 148

Fav Color: Purple
Fav Cologne: Polo
Fav Flower: Nan
Fav Season: Winter
Fav movie genre: Sad action movies
Fav music genre: Hip Hop, R & B, Heavy Metal
Fav Singers: Seo Taiji, Lee Hyundo, Michael Jackson

Other information:

Was previously the leader of famous Korean group H.O.T (High-five of Teenagers).
Released 5 albums with group before they split.
Has released 3 solo albums since.