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        White like the snow

        Green like an emerald

        The Niagara Falls


        Watching you go

        Unable to think

        Impossible to speak

        Only you can make me breath.


        Your roars of rapid sounds

        Like million horses chasing around

        Thundered in my ears

        Splitting every vexation apart.


                Staring, my first sight of you

                Reflecting colors under the sun.

                The curly pure white chain

                Falling from the unreachable sky

                Into the gushing silver lake.


                 Every stress and pain of mine

                 Following each pearly drop

                 Running down the cliff with you

                 Crashing into the sharp rocks.  


        They splash with anger

        Dissolve in the air

        Turning into thick smoke

        Circling and rising in front of my eye.


                   Your soft and firm whisper

                   Helped me to recover

                   Taught me to accept

                   And made me discover.


                                                                         By Rain