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The Cat's Meow

Hi, my name is Cara and I'm getting married on August 16, 2003 to a great guy! I dislike a lot of people because the world is full of selfish, spoiled brats. I love animals and have cats, a rabbit, hamsters, fish, a chinchilla, a turtle, and degus. My grandma told me that you can always tell how good a person's heart is by how they treat animals.

Anyway, I have a lot of anger towards certain people because their parents can't control them and they are druggies. I HATE druggies! GRRRR... anyway, I am a great person to get to know, but I weigh two tons and most people tend to judge me because of that. But I'm not single, so what do I care? Haha... well, have a nice day, unless I don't like you... then burn in hell. Oh, I also love watching Judge Judy! I also go to school at WIU in Macomb, Illinois and it is awful. I haven't learned anything, the teachers are jerks, the tuition is ridiculous and no one knows anything.

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Alamak- a pretty good chat room
My MSN Profile rules, too!