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Last Chance Summer Dance 03'

"Oh, It's you!"

This was a crowd shot taken by the Z100 Portland staff YEAH that front row! 10,000 people behind us.. squished much?

These pictures are blurry and I am sorry, I do not know how to work my scanner yet, so I just took pictures OF my pictures with my digital camera. If I had ONLY been smart enough to just TAKE my digital camera to the concert :(
Jessica Serenading Nick<~ I took time out of my screaming for her to take this picture :)
Monica Christie and I @ TGI Friday's the night before

Ah... So now it's time for the Lynzi review.. lol Ill start from the top.
It was a five hour drive from Spokane to Portland. My friend, Christie and I decided that since we were going to leave for the concert line very early, it would be better to get no sleep than just a little.. cuz thats just how my body works.. I dunno why. SO we stayed up all night (some might remember if u were in the chat room) feasting on everything Jelly.. (animations, fanfics and pictures etc..) Then at 4:30 we woke up our friend Monica and my boyfriend and got ready and headed to Waterfront.
So we arrived at about 4:45am.. (Mid you that the concert starts at 11:00) There was a group who had been there since midnight.. of about seven girls and two guys. So it was still dark and we just sat down on the cold hard pavement next to them :) Leaving occasionally for bathroom breaks, Lunchables etc.... So at about 6:30 someone else finally arrived and then after that people were just trickling in slowly till about 9:00 when EVERYONE seemed to come bombarding in. Lots and lots of .. girls. I was getting lots of dirty looks because I was the first person in the line.. Anyway!
The Line-Up was gunna be like this...
Nick & Jessica were hosting
Wayne Wonder
Junior Senior
Justin Guarini

Blu Cantrell
Uncle Kracker
Daniel Beddingfield
Bowling For Soup
Kelly Clarkson

@ 11 I WAS THE FIRST ONE to hand my ticket to them and run (or fake-walk) in there and get my spot up at the front left (looking at the stage) I was SOOOO happy. The event people were all "WALK, dont run!" so we'd.. half walk by them and RUN and then walk and then RUN lol.. until we got there
When we were standing there while people were packing in and we hear someone yelling JUSTIN JUSTIN JUSTIN so i look on stage and hes talkin to some people who were settin up stuff and he turns around and does this cute wave, lol. Normally im not a big fan of the bandanna but well NOW I AM, lol he loooked soo hot. Hottt. hot. And I started crying! Omg can we say DORKness?! Im not some crazy teenybopper, lemme explain.
It's just like.. We traveled all that way and whatever and for some reason I just hadnt been that excited, like I SHOULD HAVE BEEN, cuz it didnt hit me that 'Im going to see Justin and Kelly' ... the people I love so very much, IN PERSON. UNTIL I saw that man standing on the stage. My brain was like.. mush... That's RIGHT when I realized it. I didnt cry when he performed, I was just overjoyed. I only cried BECAUSE I was in total shock.
Okay lol. Now that that's cleared up.
After Justin finally got off the stage, cuz he was causing too much of a commotion, Monica and I flirted with Justin's brother from across the stage. He was sitting in VIP drinkin' .. and we were like hey what a hottie, he looks so much like Justin, maybe thats his brother, and he made this face that was sooo a Justin-face.. so we yell GUARINI and sure enough, he looks and makes this face and he was all embarassed.. and his mom was right there too, and she mouthed "YOU WANT HIM??" to us, lol and Monica was like YEAAHHH!!! lol I was like... UHH mom, i want your OTHER son, lol!
so it finally started (WOOHOO!! only like 9 hours till Kelly!!)
Nick & Jessica were the hosts and they came out and I was like OHH MY she looks so pretty!! < Cuz she did. I was not a fan of her. And I didnt plan on cheering for her or whatever but she is so pretty, and Nick is also so pretty.. lol hes not hot, hes pretty. lol And so we were all yellin "JESSICA" in this big yelling voice and yeah that was funny. She liked it. I have some way funny pics of her spraying the crowd. So yeah after they talked to Chet, (and I dont remember any of what they were saying) they got off the stage..
Wayne Wonder played .. he was cool.. I didnt know who he was, but then when he did "No letting go" we all looked at eachother and went.. OHHHHHH!!! lol Junior Senior .. I LOVED.. lol Move Your Feet was great, everyone was singing. Loved Loved them!!! *ahem, was like 2 feet away from the guitarist when I was backstage and DIDNT EVEN THINK TO TALK TO HIM (I suck)
Then they decided to COMPLETELY HOSE US OFF, I MEAN I WAS SOOO SOAKED. RIGHT before Justin came on. I was like ahh now I look like a wet dog, why WHY WHY?!! Stupid Chet!! I haaattee you and Tanner w/ a passion!!!!!! You made me all ugly for justin. :(
THEN Justin was on the side of the stage checking the music for his songs and stuff and Chet was like..
Do I see Kelly Clarkson up here?! And she was all embarassed and whatnot, no makeup, buckethat, and whatever else, THERE 9 HOURS EARLY all to watch her precious Justin perform. Can I get an "AWWWWWWWW?" everybody? Anyway she was all embarassed and I think she was mad that he had announced her presence but oh well. So after that Chet was like.. wait, do I hear Justin Guarini?? and we all start screamin and .. Woo boy he is just.. hot hot hot hot HOTTT! Should I tell the story? Hmmm okay. Here it is. He sang "One Heart Too Many" "Condition of my Heart" "Doing Things" and "Sorry".. He looked at Christie in the Very beginning and she freaked out and I was like "OMG I hate you!" <-- to Christie, not justin lol. And I was all jelous that he looked at her, but I got over it when (during "Doin Things") he looked at ME (which i have a picture of) and I was singing the lyrics with him and he, well... KEPT on looking and I was just turning SOOO red and I didnt know what to do I was like ahhh!! (it had to have been like a whole line of his song) and BEING THE HUGE DORK I AM, I like hid my face behind my friend Monica.. and Justin smiled (so they say, i obviously didnt see since i was hiding) (OMG!!) THEN he has to come walkin over till he's square in front of me and keeps singing and AT me! I was like OMG what do I do!? OMG OMG OMG Is he really lookin at me?!?! And I had a friend on both sides of me and my boyfriend behind me, and they ALL said he was lookin at me.... (my bf wouldnt say he was if he wasnt, cuz come on, hes my boyfriend!!) anyway i wasnt believing it at all.. Justin is SUCH a tease.. He likes that he drives girls wild, and dayng he took advantage of the moment cuz I was smiling like a silly fool. I didnt know what to do I CANT BELIEVE I HID MY FACE.. AND I cant believe he noticed it AND LAUGHED/SMILED. I HID MY FACE! I AM SUCH A FREAKIN DORK!!!! Someone kill me pleasseee. AHHH WHAT A FRICKEN TEASE
During "Sorry" I kept pointing to my shirt which said "Established 2002, JELLY, Clarkson - Guarini" and yelling JELLY JELLY, but he ignored me, lol (naturally). And yeah I KNEW they were gunna ask him something about him and Kelly, and they did and i was just yelling JELLY JELLY JELLY .. so I didnt catch everything he said to the DJ .. lol oooops. I guess, someone said that when he was asked if he was more than friends with Kelly.. he said .. "Maybe we are" or something of that nature to be weird. Ah he was JUST IN A FREAKIN TEASING MOOD NOW WASNT HE?!
Then Chet said something like "Ok I better let you go now cuz I hear you have to go catch a plane" and Justin was like yeaahhh and then he was gone :( Anyway I was sad when he was done.. I wish it could go on forever!! Justin's mom was crying while he performed.. I tried to get a picture but it didnt come out very well :( It just looks like a fence thing w/ a bunch of colors.
I was getting really annoyed with Tanner because he was a big stupid and kept spraying us in the FACES.. Jerk! lol
So then Blu Cantrell performed and she was cool and yeah.. I just wanted Justin to come back.
So yet again they were sprayin us all off.... *ggrrrrrs* and he was talking about this um 'bigger' DJ... and how he was new and hes been trying to date but hes been stood up 3 times in a row.. etc. and that he has a V.I.P. pass he wants to give away.. Well everyone starts screaming and hes walking all along the stage looking for someone and I was screaming my head off WHILE GETTTING SPRAYED and we had eye contact a few times and I was like.. "ohmy what am I getting myself into ??" and he gets off stage (more likes falls off) and walks right to ME, and hands me the VIP thing.. (WHICH 3 OTHER GIRLS TRIED TO RIP OUT OF MY HANDS!!) and he goes "NO, THE GIRL IN THE PINK" so it was mine.... ahh I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG.. and the security dood turned me around and picked me up and over the fence thing and I just saaw all these heads.. (evidently 10,000 from what they say) and I was like... holy crap.. thats alot of heads lol. so then I went up on stage and.. I cant even remember how I got up there.. lol but they gave ME the sprayer so the first thing I did was hose my friends in the face! lol then I was just sprayin everybody lookin like the dork that I am.. I blew a kiss to my boyfriend, lol but then i was thinkin "OMG JUSTIN WAS JUST ON THIS STAGE.. i so wanna like get down n.. lick it".. lol So the spraying went on for a while..(sadly no one who went REMEMBERS ME!! :( ) fun stuff, and then I gave it back to the DJ and then went off to the side of the stage. Then he came and took me down backstage .. but no one was back there except for like all the fashion show people and friends of whoever.. I was sad, everyone cool was in their trailers :(
So the DJ was just saying all this crap bout how he wanted to take me to a three doors down concert. and I was like uhh I have a boyfriend..and he was all sad :( Well geez Im sorry that my boyfriend is waay better looking and cooler than you so BLAH! He was kind of willing to do anything for me, and I could tell, so I was like.. umm do you know where Justin Guarini might be? and hes like.. Um I think he left already. (cuz someone said he had a plain to catch after his performance) So i walked around and drank some VIP Sprite lol.. FINALLY my heart rate was going down.. REALIZING I PROBABLY WOULDNT MEET ANYONE COOL SINCE THEY WERE ALL IN THEIR TRAILORS.. and I see this curly fro bounce by.. bout 20 feet away.. and I was like WTF?! .. there went my heart rate again (dang tease) doesnt he just have the greatest timing? And I went and got the DJ whow as talking to some drunk fat girl who was mad at me for getting VIP.. and was like "hey I just saw justin, hes here, you lied grr take me back there!!!" and hes like "no, only ALL access passes can go back there, im sorry, and i dont think that was him you saw.." and I was like all sad.. (I KNOW JUSTIN WHEN I SEE HIM, GAWD!!) being a whiner and stuff and so finally he goes "lemme go talk to my boss and see if i can get you a pass.." so he walks off and comes back empty handed.. and some girls move outta the way and I realize that I am like 10 feet away from justin, who is sittin on a table swinging his legs around like a little boy. 10 feet away! but I couldnt move because I didnt have the damn pass! lol this was driving me nuts I just wanted to run over there but I couldnt, I had some lady who was supposed to watch me and make sure I didnt go there :( So yeah DJ came back empty handed, grabs be and takes me around this trailer and over on the other side of justin. All of this really freaked me out.. cuz Like i thought he was gunna try and do somthin.. lol well nevermind ANYWAY.. Hes like okay lets walk by there real fast.. and I was like okay??
and so we walk by and he stops right at the table justin was at and goes "Hey dude will you sign this for her (my cd booklet) real fast cuz shes just VIP and shes not supposed to be back here" and I step out from behind the big guy and justin looks at me and goes "Oh, ITS YOU! Sure" and grabs the booklet but with this smile on his face.. I was like uhh "its me, is that a bad thing?" and he goes "I was just kiddin, whats your name?" and I was like bright bright red this time, with no one to hide behind and i told him my name and how to spell it and I was so suprised I was able to do that because I was sooo lost in his eyes.. I almost didnt catch the "oh, thats really cool" that he said.. omg.. the sun was shining Right in his eyes and they were soo soo sexy.... I mean brown.. they were so brown. ahem. So he signed it and goes "Here you go baby" and winks at me and then I gave him a hug and OMG his hair was in like ony side of my face and I loved it so much I would just like to live in there.. lol and I was like ahh "thank you Bah!!" I said BAH.. lol I didnt even mean to.. Im not southern or anything.. it just came out! and then.. I was off in my own world just melting away... lol
I wanted to find Kelly to but evidently she was in her trailer.. yAh more like she was waiting in Justins trailer in some sexy lingerie for him to get done and come back since they havent "seen eachother in 2 months" YAH RIGHT! lies.. thats a proven lie.. FIBBER!! So DJ man got my phone # cuz I felt bad since he did that for me.. and we tried to get the security guys to put me back in my front row spot but they said it wasnt fair and I had to go in the back of the croud.. SO i go to the back and just start making my way as close as I could get.. It was the end of Uncle Cracker and when I finally got my boyfriends attention he came back from the front row to be with me. And I was like "ahh I wanted to be up there to see Kelly" and he was like aww so he grabbed me and just started pushin thru everybody and we made it pretty far! lol then this girl was like.. do u want me to help get you up there? and we were like HECK Yah! and so she snaked thru everybody and got me up back in my front row position! lol.. that was kinda weird.. going from the back all the way to the front.
So there were a few more performances and during Genuine, one of the guys came and stood like right in front of me and I got so smashed by all the girls tryin to touch him.. and it was verrry scary. There was one of the back up singers for Genuine who was kinda bigger and he was singing back over by where Justin's mom was sitting and she was like flirting with him and blowing him kisses!! I was like OMG!! lol LOTS of fights broke out on our side cuz Genuine threw his shirt and somethin else into the croud and people were getting pulled out with black eyes and broken bones it was sad. those girls were fierce. the worst thing about it, was when the security guard would jump into the fight he would TAKE whatever it was they were figting over and NO ONE would end up getting it :P
By this time I had had NO sleep in two days, no food since 5:00 am and it was about 7:30 or something. I felt so sick. I didnt want to get sick and miss Kelly so I sucked it up. I have never had severe signs of dehydration before and I was sooo getting them then. I felt ... drunk or something. I couldnt focus, everything was slow and blurry.. but the second Kelly got up there I snapped out of it and just started screaming. But that time between being backstage and Kelly's performance felt like a lifetime. Her performance was soo great, wish it coulda been longer :( but it was great. After "Low" she was like .. "and my next song is.." and she turns around and goes "shit, somebody check!" to her band! I was like OMG SHE JUST CUSSED!!!! and I saw it! lol.. it made me laugh. She forgot what song she was doing next. Silly girl. It was funny cuz of the angle I was at I totally saw her say that and she was facing justin's mom. lol I wonder if she saw?! She sure was standing up dancin around thru Kellys whole performance, it was cute.. although she was acting like she had a little too much to drink... lol flirtin w/ one of the guys from genuine, makin him sign stuff, lol. It was great.
Kelly did a great job, made eye contact I think twice, just cuz I was the only one right ther singing all the lyrics and .. well Im very tall and I seem to stick out :-/ lol OH OH and there was this camera guy who was down right below her takin pictures but he'd always stop and just stare at her, and she looked down and smiled at him all cute, and I was like NOOO YOU HAVE JUSTIN!!NO CAMERA MAN FLIRTING!! And he smiled and looked embarassed! I think he liked her.. cuz I was lookin at the z100 web site and there are SOOO Many pics of Kel ALL TAKEN BY HIM!! I was sad that she didnt perform longer and that the concert got over earlier and it should have. She seemed a little weird.. and well the whole "LAP JELLY" thing explains why she was that way... blah oh well. I know this was verrry long but I had to get all the details in just because I have a HORRIBLE memory :( and I need this to look back on.
I love every minute of that concert.. except for the fat nasty guy on Bowling For Soup ... and the waiting 6 hours in line was SOOO worth it, you have no idea! Meeting Justin was great.. No Jelly that I saw.. but some that I could assume, cuz why did they say he had a flight to catch? maybe he did, but not for a long long time later obviously, because it had been a while since he finished performing and the time I had met him and he didnt look like he was ready to go anywhere anytime soon. Well maybe to Kelly's trailer.. heh ..
LOL I just checked my cell voice mail, and that DJ left two messages, lol ahhh he's all hey this is b-dub and I took you backstage at the concert and I was just wonderin if you are comin to the after party and blah blah... ack! what do I do? No I didnt go to the afterparty.. I was way dang too tired!! He called another time today to ask if I wanted to go to the concert, lol. ummmm.. lol what do I do? I have a boyfriend!! grr...
Anyway, does anyone who went remember me?? I was just wonderin.. lol
Sorry this was sooooo long I am just still soo frazzled (frazzled, did i just say that?)and none of this even probably made any sense at all!!
Aww Im sorry the pic is so big!! Ill try and make it smaller.

Sat on cold pavement for 6 hours
Got Sprayed By Jessica Simpson
Figured Out Who Wayne Wonder Is
Learned How Gay Tanner and Chet are
Fell In Love W/ Junior Senior
Got Sung To By Justin
Hid From Justin
Saw what Blu Cantrell Looks like.. and what .. down her shirt looks like.. lol
Got VIP backstage pass from Fat DJ who wanted me
Got Backstage *SPRITE*
Met Justin Guarini
Got Autograph/ Hug/ Hair on my cheek from Justin
Sprayed the crowd
SPRAYED my friends in the face
Pushed thru 10,00 people back to my front row
Got Kicked AND PUNCHED by some old lady
Saw Daniel Beddingfield
Saw Uncle Kracker... kind of
Saw Justin's Brother and Mother
Got really grossed out by the nasty fat man from B4S
Got drops of genuine's water in my mouth (not intentionally)
Got dehydrated & felt drunk
Saw Kelly Clarkson (WOOHOO, goal achieved!)

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